Christina Hendricks Career Over Baby Choice Isn't Controversial


Christina Hendricks recently attended the Cinema Society premiere of her new movie I Don't Know How She Does It, which is a pretty appropriate title given the photos I've been seeing of Hendricks' dress. I Don't Know How She Keeps Those Giant Tatas Aloft, more like. I'm just saying, I'll have whatever bra she's having.

Hendricks may be primarily known in Hollywood for her epic rack, otherworldly skin tone, and intriguing TV roles (raise your hand if you will always love her for the diabolical grifter she played in Firefly), but in a recent interview about her home life, she sounded a lot like any other married woman faced with that ever-present annoying question: So, when're you going to have kids?

When talking about how she and her husband of two years make their marriage work while pursuing two busy careers, Hendricks said the key is to help each other out and, most importantly, be flexible.

My husband does so much to help me, and I do as much to help him as possible. If one day he's off from work, he'll help me to do something -- and vice versa. (...) We've been doing a lot of traveling and different jobs and going back and forth. I don't freak myself out if something doesn't happen.

Sage advice, but of course that's not what people REALLY want to hear about. They want to know if that bodacious bod of hers is going to house a mini-Hendricks any time soon. After all, she plays a single mom in I Don't Know How She Does It, so does that mean ...?

Nope. According to Hendricks, she's all fine on the baby front for the time being.

At least not any time soon. I feel busy enough right now.

The weird thing is how that's just not a good enough answer for some folks. If you take a look at the comments on this People article, they're full of rude observances about Hendricks' age (36), how the "clock is ticking," and even how it's "selfish to have children past 40."

Setting aside the ridiculous issue of whether Christina Hendricks is in a now-or-never situation with regards to parenthood, what on earth is wrong with a woman saying she's fulfilled with her life the way it is? It's a perfectly valid choice to lead a child-free life, and frankly, I imagine it would be a much easier path for anyone who wants to make the most of their Hollywood career.

It seems to me that Christina Hendricks is at the top of her game right now. Not only does she make 36 look absolutely amazing, she's working hard to transition from TV to the big screen. With one movie about to launch and four additional films either filming or in pre-production, Hendricks has a ton on her plate already. Being too busy for kids isn't just a blow-off statement, it's a reality for some people—unless they're willing to drastically change their lifestyle (or hire a baby entourage).

Who cares if she isn't particularly interested in balancing her career with motherhood right now? I say good for her, for knowing what she wants and going after it.

Do you think being "too busy" for kids is a valid excuse?

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Ashleigh Munson

I don't think anyone needs an excuse to not have children. It's HARD to have babies/kids, and they fare so much better when their parents want them with all their hearts. I say GOOD FOR HER. It's no one's business but her's and her husband's.

Tonya Egeland-Parton

I find it commendable that she admits she is "busy enough right now".  You are right, she could hire a baby entourage.  Maybe those commenters aren't considering that she would like to be a more visible presence in her kids' lives and would like to wait until she & her husband are ready to make that choice.

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

I don't think you need an excuse. I certainly don't think you should have kids just because it's the "next logical step" once you get married. If you don't want children - right now, or ever - please don't have them! And kudos for knowing that and making an intelligent decision about it!

Melis... Melissa042807

There are probably a million reasons why she hasn't had kids yet. The "career" one is the most obvious to the public. Everything else is none of our business. And I hate it when reporters ask those questions.

Pua Smith

Why do these people care so much if she's popping out babies or not? It's none of their damn business. If she wants kids in a few years, or even never, that's HER choice. Damn nosey people.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I guess I don't care when or if she has kids. Not my business but  I better never see her on a cover of a magazine crying because she can't get pregnant at 45. 

nonmember avatar emibouptumb

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