Fergie Proves Some Stars Actually Can Sing National Anthem (VIDEO)


Sometimes it feels like all celebrities ever do is flub the National Anthem. Between Christina Aguilera and R. Kelly and Steven Tyler, there have been almost more celebrity anthem mishaps than victories, but Monday Night Football on September 12 proved Fergie isn't one of them. She can actually deliver a powerful National Anthem.

Who knew? It may have been the Miami Dolphins versus the New England Patriots on the field, but Fergie delivered a great anthem to get them going.

I tend to think the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas is more good dancing and hot body than strong pipes. And while she is no Mariah Carey, girlfriend sure can carry a tune. Many on YouTube are knocking her, but her performance was pitch perfect and very strong to my ears. See for yourself:

We all grow up with "The Star Spangled Banner." It isn't that hard to get it right. So when stars flub it, it's really surprising. This is sort of the opposite. I didn't expect Fergie to mess it up, but I also didn't expect her to knock it out of the park (or score a touchdown to use a more appropriate metaphor).

She did and I am impressed.

Who knew the singer of "My Humps" was so well versed in the most patriotic of all tunes. As it turns out, this is not her first time singing it, either. In fact, the singer has performed at other football games, events, and even with President Obama and his family.

But it was this performance that convinced me. Fergie is a singer after all!

Was this surprising to you?

Image via YouTube



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Alison Roettenbacher

She did mess up. said gleaming twice. Where she was suppose to say Streaming -- she said gleaming.

JaneE... JaneEyre27

Call me old fashioned, but I didn't like her rendition at all and, IMO, when a person is singing the National Anthem in front of an audience, that person should be wearing actual, ya know, clothes.  Yeah, I just didn't think her "rock 'n roll let's play some football!" rendition was respectful.  Mebbe I take the song too seriously.  But it's the National Anthem. 


Sandr... SandraCheeks

Of course Fergie is going to do a better job singing the National Anthem than Christina Aguilera and R. Kelly and Steven Tyler. Last I checked, those 3 were all druggies/alchies and Fergie isn't.

Plus, she didn't pee on anyone other than herself.

nonmember avatar ellen

um... you obviously haven't had any musical training if you describe that performance as "pitch-perfect". maybe leave that descriptor to the people that know what that actually means.

banan... banana-bear

Am I the only one that doesn't like her voice? Not that she sings badly....it just doesn't sound enjoyable or something. Blech. And she looks like a skinnier, younger version of Kirstie Allie - not the best looking person to be compared to. Just sayin'.

bills... billsfan1104

I didnt think it was all that great and how do you consider it "pitch perfect"???She sounded pitchy to me. 

sandra, I would like to point out that Fergie is a druggie.  She was addicted to crystal meth.

Melis... Melissa042807

It was okay. She didn't flub the lyrics but I'm not wild about her voice. And her enunciation has always sounded odd to me. But not a terrible job.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I wouldn't call it pitch perfect.  But I can think of SEVERAL (Christina and Trace Adkins come immediately to mind) who could take some lessons from her. 

At the university I went to, there was a memo sent out to all of us who sang the Anthem.  It basically went like this:  Don't try to make this song your own.  Generations of people have fought and died to protect this nation and this anthem is about them, not you.  Sing it the way it was written, and use it to honor them, not bring attention to yourself. 

I want to send that memo to everyone who ever sings it. While Fergie didn't follow this to the letter, she also didn't try to add all kinds of runs and warbles.  Not my favorite rendition, but not bad. 

AFwif... AFwifenmom97


I'd rather hear Kelly Clarkson. I like her rendition at this Cowboys game. Also there's a good one she did at the 2011 NBA finals. I didn't want to post that one, I figured I'd post the one of her in a football stadium so people would have something to compare the other video to.

shirrose shirrose

It definitely wasn't "pitch perfect"...not to sound too snooty, but I have perfect pitch and that wasn't perfect.  Also, does anyone remember her awful performance at the super bowl last year?  I had to turn that sh*t off it was so bad!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y-gYagB0Wo&feature=related

Yea, she can't sing live.  Also, I agree with the memo that @Momma quoted - she wasn't performing a solo, she was singing the national anthem.  There's a huge difference

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