New 'Breaking Dawn' Posters Make Bella's Boobs the Star of the Show (PHOTOS)

Bella's ring Breaking DawnBella's wedding ring!OHMYGOD, they're here! They're here! The new posters for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 have arrived -- thank you, Yahoo! Movies. Not only do we get a first look at Bella's sparkly wedding ring and Edward's gold marriage band, but we get to see Bella and Edward (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) in a romantic honeymoon clutch in the tropics and a whole separate poster of my Jacob (Taylor Lautner), looking all beautiful and wolfy back home with his pack.

One thing in the Bella/Edward poster, however, is a little striking and that's the fact that Bella's breasts are ginormous! She's gone from like a B cup to easily a Double D. What's going on there?

Take a look at the posters after the jump! Also, SPOILERS!!!


Check out the new Breaking Dawn teaser posters!

Breaking Dawn poster Edward Bella

So now that you've seen them, screamed, and gotten yourself back together, let's talk about Bella's boobs!

Why are Kristen Stewart's breasts so obscenely enhanced in the poster? Do bigger poster boobs automatically add up to steamier sales at the box office? Or are those supposed to be pregnancy boobs? Because in most movies I've seen, they only enhance the belly, never the boobs (which bugs me because we all know they practically double in size, but it's true -- never in the preggo movies). Besides, Bella's pregnancy probably won't even be showing until near the end of the movie (I'm guessing they're going to cut right before the birth scene), and this poster image looks like a scene from the lusty honeymoon adventure.

Maybe the designers think a little extra Bella bosom will help sell the movie and bring in dude viewers? That's my guess. But a) it ain't gonna work, and b) like they need any more frickin' viewers -- leave Bella's perfectly nice boobs alone!

What do you think of Bella's new enhancement?


Images by Summit via Yahoo Movies

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