5 Horrible Hollywood Lip Jobs


Lindsay LohanPouty, plump, and perky lips are lovely. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with such coveted kissers, and in that case, a little shot of collagen may be just the answer. But as we all know, Hollywood doesn't really know how to do little.

Therefore, Tinseltown is filled with legions of fish-faced celebrities sporting lips so large, they are frightening. We're not talking the Steven Tylers of the world who were just blessed with such largess of lips, but rather those whose puckers are magically (and obviously) artificially inflated. Here are five of Hollywood's most hideous and huge sets of lips.

Lindsay Lohan

At least her look is consistent -- fake all the way from her extension-clad head to the tan on her toes. Her inflated lips are like a huge exclamation point in the middle. Her whole family seems in on the action with little sister Ali Lohan sporting a new plumped up pair too.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

She claims to have never used Botox, and she can wiggle her forehead all she wants, but there's no doubt those lips are packing some artificial punch.

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof

There are plenty of Real Housewives that could make this list, but the lips of Adrienne Maloof of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are especially noteworthy. Seeing as how her husband is a plastic surgeon, it's likely pretty easy for her to get plumped on demand -- dangerous.

Nadya Suleman


Clearly one of her biggest problems in life is knowing when to say when. Whether her lips are a result of injections or actual implants, I'm not sure, but all I can think of when I look at her with all those children following is a duck. Quack.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

Poor Meg. Remember when she was America's sweetheart? Now no horrible plastic surgery story would be complete without her face on it. And with lips like this, it wouldn't be right to leave her off of this one either.

Which celebrities would you add to this list of Hollywood's worst lip jobs?

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JaneE... JaneEyre27

The phrase "lip job" should not even exist.

jalaz77 jalaz77

If Megan Fox had lips done it doesn't look bad at all, imo they are proportionate to her face IF she had them done, she is young so hers look real to me, over time when the rest of her ages and her lips don't follow suit then put her back on the list, I cannot believe I am defending that girl because the is a horrible actress!! How can you forget Lisa Rinna or Tylo Hunter...now those are bad lip jobs! Oh and you can add Ali Lohan to that list now! I obviously have to much time on my hands this morning!

Mommi... MommieLoLo

Megan Fox looks good....Octomom said she never got her lips done. And you forgot Rose Mcgowans....they looked awful espically when she did her stunt on L&O SVU.

Heart... HeartCharmMama

Lisa Rinna should have been up there.

tiny_... tiny_mama

I was just gonna say lisa rinna! LMFAO! ^^

PETE BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ajbro... ajbrownies

I was expecting way worse! @ MommieLoLo, I agree about Rose McGowen. She looks terrible- I think she used to be gorgeous but she should have let herself age naturally. I didn't think any of the pics in this article were that bad actually- they looked pretty natural to me. 

Stacey. Stacey.

Have we all forgotten about Jessica Simpson?

harym... harymarshman

I don't think Lindsey Lohan looks bad from her lips. I think she looks bad from the drugs.

Megan Fox, horrible actress, super hot. Her lips look fine.

hutch... hutchfam2007

I dont believe octomom had any work done on her lips. whether we want to believe what she says about it (she claims she hasnt), I have actually seen family photos of her when she was a child and her lips were rather FULL for a small girl. Do they look real, imo, no. But I actually think they are...

Agree with PP, lip job should not even exist. Why would anyone want to look like that... dont get that one at all!

Ember... Emberbaby

Nicole Kidman should be on this list.


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