Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton Aren’t Getting Married Any Time Soon (VIDEO)

prince harryPrince Harry hits the clubsThere he is! It's Prince Harry, everybody. The Spare to the Heir. His Royal Highness Hot Ginger. I've been wondering what that cad has been up to these days. And from the looks of this delectable video I just stumbled upon, seems like a lot.

Harry was recently found blowing off some steam by cutting a rug at a Croatian nightclub. His tipsy dance moves left a little something to be desired, but his fall into the giant pool in the middle of the floor makes the video totally amazing and something you have no business missing.

So, yeah, no. It doesn't look like Prince Harry has any plans to make an honest woman out of Pippa Middleton any time soon.


Or any other lucky lady for that matter. Why am I jumping to this assumption? Because the dude fell into a pool in a nightclub. From dancing. Does that sound like someone who's ready to tie the knot to you? I think knot.

I like that, though. I mean, sure, I'd love to feast my peepers on another royal wedding -- who wouldn't? -- but we just had one. Let's have some time to breathe and drink in the newlyweds that are Prince William and Kate Middleton. And the hijinx that are Prince Harry. He's the wild, crazy, spontaneous brother of the prim and proper future king. It's a nice juxtaposition. Throw in a love interest and it has Romantic-Comedy written all over it. Owen Wilson will play Harry, Paul Bettany, William. It writes itself.

Anyway, when Harry starts thinking about settling down, trust me, we'll know. We'll see less photos and videos like this, and more, I don't know, charity work or something. In other words, he'll get boring.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

Check out the video:

Do you think Prince Harry looks like a good time?

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