Julianne Hough’s Leaked Photos Only Help Her Image

julianne houghOh my god, oh my god you guys. Julianne Hough, your favorite adorable blonde from Dancing With the Stars and mine, has been hacked. Someone made their way into Julianne's phone and leaked pictures of the too-cute dancer/singer/actress for all the world to see. Now before you get all worried about her squeaky-clean reputation: I have good news! The photos are totally PG ... possibly bordering on PG-13. And for a 23-year-old-woman, that's nothing to be embarrassed about. Pics of Jules in bikinis in sexy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek poses are the stuff Seacrest's dreams are made of.

Which begs the question. Did Ryan Seacrest, king of all media (and my heart), leak these photos of Julianne?


Because the 16 or so photos that were leaked are going to do nothing but help her image. They're not damaging in the least! From an '80s bikini to a Marilyn Monroe pose (complete with a popped zit on her forehead, aww), the pics are calendar worthy. She looks great in every pic, so either Seacrest leaked them or her PR agent did.

And good for Julianne. Not that she should live her life cautiously and in fear of being hacked, but she made a good decision by keeping her cellphone pics pretty clean. Not that her career would've been ruined with some full-frontal shots (who knows? maybe it could've helped in some way), but her wholesome, smiley image is only further perpetuated by these leaked images.

Also? How cute are those images of her and Ryan. I know these two are soooo easy to make fun of, and I have no idea why I love them instead of loathe them, but there's something so lovable about them! Just me, I know.

What do you think about the leaked photos?

Photos via jvh3/Flickr

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