Twilight Movie: What's All the Excitement About?


The Twilight movie is a phenomenon. misty91 wonders why so many people were so excited about Twilight. She is curious about the excitement over the movie, which is opening this weekend. I asked one of the members of the group Fans of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series to see why so many people love Twilight.



veg4animals from the Stephenie Meyer/Twilight group has an excellent answer to those who wonder what all the Twilight movie excitement is all about. According to veg4animals:

The movie, and the books are what the vampire fans have been waiting for since Anne Rice "went out of business". This movie is the perfect portrayal of every mythic-lovers dream! It involves the simple story of a girl most of us can relate to, whether it's as ourselves, our daughters, or nieces. Bella is the every day normal girl we all know. Just throw in the perfectly handsome vegetarian vampire, Edward, and his fight over Bella with Jacob, and you have the new ultimate-love story.  Move over Romeo and Juliet!

I am new to the Twilight obsession but I fell in love with the books and the characters almost instantly.  It's a classic love story...and who can resist a good love story? 

What do you think of all the excitement over Twilight?

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