VMAs 2011: Gaga's Gender-Bending & Beyonce's Baby Bump Steal the Show!


lady gaga as jo calderone mtv video music awards 2011This year's MTV Video Music Awards was bigger, brighter, tougher, and seemingly MUCH less contrived than shows of recent years -- all thanks to a diva and a Lady-gone-guy. Tonight's VMAs was another huge reminder that there are two women running the show in pop music today: Beyonce and Lady Gaga. The megastars -- both with the help of their alter-egos, Sasha Fierce and Jo Calderone -- made serious waves all night long.

Beyonce started the night off with one of the best celeb pregnancy bangs to come along in a while, raising eyebrows as she walked the red carpet sporting a baby bump. But the "is she or isn't she pregnant" question was further confirmed when Bey gleefully performed "Love on Top," after which she popped open her glittery tuxedo jacket, rubbed her baby bump, and grinned at hubby Jay-Z, as he beamed like only a proud daddy-to-be could. Awwww! Not only adorable, but SO memorable, too.

And speaking of memorable, Gaga's opening performance -- and what followed -- was right on par with Beyonce's big announcement.

Gaga alter-ego Jo Calderone (who, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a Bob Dylan-y '50s greaser dude who has appeared before in Vogue Japan and in the Mother Monster's "You & I" video) opened the show with a four-minute rant-y, performance art-ified monologue about being tortured in love with Gaga. He/she then launched into an AMAZING, rockin' performance of "You & I," accompanied by Queen guitarist Brian May. This was a pop-icon-meets-classic-rock-legend awesome moment in time I'm not sure the show has ever seen -- or will ever see -- again.

Although I kinda wished Gaga would have a gender-bending switcharoo and come back to accept her award for Best Female Video as herself -- if only so we could have gotten another signature wacky outfit out of her! -- she kept up the charade the whole night through. She even presented Britney Spears with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award as Jo, leering at Brit Brit lustfully as she accepted her award. Then, in an odd moment, the two aaaaaaaalmost kissed, but Brit acted like she didn't need a repeat of her '03 smooch with Madonna. Haha, oookay!

The Jo Calderone thing may have been strange, annoying, or odd to some -- both Britney and Katy Perry looked on at Gaga dumbfounded at certain points, which totally had me cracking up -- but I freakin' loved it. It was exactly what pop music, MTV, and music videos specifically are supposed to be about. Performances that are creative, innovative, and perhaps even political all at once. Pure entertainment that gets people to say, "Wait, what? Really? What the hell?!" ... and keep saying, "Hmm ... really, what the hell!?" That's what's been behind some of the most classic moments in MTV VMA history (think Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie kiss at the '94 VMAs, the Britney-Madonna kiss, Lady Gaga's fake bloody death in '09, etc.). And now, both Gaga and Beyonce have done it again -- written unforgettable new history tonight.

These ladies' performances are what the VMAs should always be made of.

Did you like Beyonce and Gaga's performances? What was your favorite part of this year's VMAs?

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alisa... alisabethjaimes

Lady Gaga was great tonight... What I wanna talk about is Chris Brown's performance! I'm sure Kurt Cobain was rolling in his grave... What a terrible performance.

w.mar... w.martinez

Lady Gaga was incredibly annoying in my opinion. I pretty much muted the tv whenever she came on. I thought everyone else did great though, especially Adele. Her voice was AMAZING!

nonmember avatar Shelly

I've always thought she looks like a transvestite.

SexyD... SexyDiva19

I think Lady Gaga did good. Chris Brown could have done WAY better! Beyonce's pregnancy reveal was very nice! Kevin Hart was funny as usual. Other than that, the show pretty much sucked lol

tangl... tangleballlover

Absolutely love Lady Gaga. Most people don't get that she is a true artist - more than just music, she encompasses EVERYTHING! Pure genius, if you ask me. I loved the looks of complete and utter shock and disbelief on everyone's face.


But with Beyonce...she's oh so annoying. Her little baby bump rub was obnoxious.

And what is up with everyone being all about Nirvana all of a sudden? It's like the new "cool thing" - Miley Cyrus did it, now Chris Brown (who should definitely take some lipsyncing lessons). *sigh*

tangl... tangleballlover

I loved the tribute to Amy Winehouse and Adele and Bruno Mars were both stunning live! We need some more live singers like those two and Gaga. You know, people who can actually fricking sing.

cocob... cocobeannns

I thought Adele's performance was mezmerizing. She brought the house down with that amazing voice of hers. I'm not really a fan of Gaga's, but I will give her credit where credit is due, the girl can sing her ass off. She has real talent, I just don't understand why she needs to be so over the top, all the time. I thought Beyonce's performance was good. I was suprised to see her with that much clothes on, normally she's wearing next to nothing in her performances. It was a refreshing change. I wasn't suprised at the pregnancy itself, I was shocked that she was able to keep it a secret for this long! Kudos to her. What a great way to announce to the world that you're expecting!

missa... missann302

brittney spears won the michael jackson award??? wow.  what for?  chris brown flying through the air like peter pan was a bit much.  lttle wayne running across the stage with his pants sagging...a mess

littl... littlemama3098

Lady Gaga annoys me. The girl can sing, no doubt, but all the antics just take away from her amazing voice. Adele rocked it and so did Beyonce! And Chris Brown sucks. Terrible lip syncing. I really enjoyed Jessie J's filler music. She looked so cute sitting up there with her little cast! Oh, and The Beibs totally looked like an old lady.

Bugzm... Bugzmomma

I love you Gaga but seriously it was a little too much. I didn't mind your rant in the beginning that led to a great performance but some of it you layed on too thick. When Britney went up for her Video Vangard Award you should have let her have her moment instead of trying to put yourself in front. Really? I thought that was disrespectful. As for Katy Perry winning Video of the Year, what the hell? I'm sorry Katy but even though your Last Friday Night song is so damn catchy that I find myself singing it in the car, I just don't believe you're worthy of such a high honor. I mean really, in 5 years is anyone gonna remember Katy Perry as this great singer and performer? No. It should have gone to Adele, a true talent. Oh well I guess that's my rant and rave. I'm really happy for Beyonce though. Let's pray her kid looks like her though. (You all were thinking it.)

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