Bad News for 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Is Good for Baby


Leah teen momLeah trick or treats without parents Amber Portwood or Gary ShirleyIt doesn't take much to make my stomach churn when I watch Teen Mom these days. Every time MTV turns the camera on little Leah, the 2-year-old daughter of trainwreck Amber Portwood and ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, I want to cry. As my husband said during this week's episode of Season 3, "That kid has no chance." Well, maybe. News on the Leah custody front might not be the best for her parents, but it looks like this kid is headed for sweet relief.

With Amber freshly released from rehab (where she was holed up in the wake of a suicide attempt), Gary's lawyer is telling the press that it's back to court for the couple to work out the custody arrangement. Gary has temporary custody already, but his lawyer sounds confident that he'll get it permanently.

Of course, Gary's lawyer is going to talk up Gary. Nothing's set in stone. But all it takes is one look at an episode of the show to prove that a Gary custody arrangement has some merits for this kid.

I'm not talking about Gary. Not famewhoring, stripper lovin', condom-on-the-floor leaving Gary. 

I'm talking about his mom. Because when Gary is hanging with his daughter, Carol (Shirley) Zizak is rarely far behind. When he's struggled with custody issues in the past, friends have made no bones about how much he depends on his mama.

And this woman seems to be the ONLY stable influence in Leah's life. Carol took her trick or treating. Carol makes sure she's wearing appropriate clothes. Carol prepped for her 2nd birthday party while Gary went out for fast food. Gary himself called her an "amazing woman" on Twitter this week, acknowledging that his mom is a powerful figure in his daughter's life.

If Leah can somehow escape her "blames everyone else for her problems" mother and spend more time with her grandmother, that innocent little girl just MIGHT have a chance at life, don't you think?


Image via MTV

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SandM... SandMsMama

I agree! neither of them deserve to have the baby, it seems Gary uses her as a pawn to get amber to come back, and amber uses her for the "feel sorry for me" affect. both of them disgust me.

Petra Marie

man, jeanne. i just.... come on! you are, what, in your 30s??? STOP JUDGING AND PUTTING DOWN YOUNG MOTHERS WITH ISSUES. its simply not okay. i cant explain it any other way. she deserves our support. my god.... everytime i look at AMBER i wanna cry. she wants to do well, and she is having a rough go of it. does it make u feel like a better woman to put her down? like, at least you arent THAT bad... do you wanna help her or her daughter? no. you just wanna entertain yourself with her mental and relationship problems. i hope your daughter is more compassionate someday.

mojoe... mojoe12776

You mean its inappropriate to parent from a sheetless mattress on the floor most of the day? Jeez Im all confused now on how to raise my children. : )

Courtney Paige Neale

Chill out Petra. Everything she said in this article makes sense.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@petra - do you watch the show?!? i can't imagine how you'd think that girl 'needs our support' - she needs mental help and for someone stable to have custody of her daughter until she can get on her feet. however, i feel like she's too selfish to do so... did you see the recent (last week, maybe?) episode when amber and gary went to the cps meeting? all she kept yelling over AND OVER again was "you don't get it gary! THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU!!!! YOU'RE NOT BEING INVESTIGATED!!!! THIS IS ABOUT MEEE!!!!"

guess what princess? it's NOT about you. it's about your little girl whose only stable person in her life is her grandmother. i second it - god bless gary's mom and kudos to her for being a real (and the only!) role model in that child's life. maybe if amber and gary stopped treating little leah like their property to use against each other and like an actual child we could feel differently about her getting help...

Brandy Alexandria Rodgers

bottom line..if she cant set aside her "pride" to allow her daughter to have a better life somewehre else she isnt a mother in my eyes..we all have problems some more then others ..but she needs to do whats right for that lil grl regardless..and if shes not able mentally or emotionally to play that part she needs to hand over that responsibility to help her self! u cant b the best parent u can b if u need help ur self..sometimes its best to b selfless and get ur self help and let someone else take care of ur child while u take care of ur self.....u have to feel whole to give ur all


shell... shellyplatz

I don't think Amber really wants to do that well. Yes Amber herself doesn't appear to have had a good family. She FINALLY attempted to make something nice for her daughter - her bedroom but do you think it will last? Amber is always worried about fighting with Gary and who to go out with next. Why doesn't she seek some intensive therapy and parenting classes? Why doesn't she make a more concious decision NOT to attack her child's father in FRONT OF her child. There are things she could do to better her life and her daughter's. I really don't feel that she wants it bad enough. She rather be on the phone...which is all she seems to ever be doing or laying in bed.

Tracy Swendsen

Jeezus Jeanne... 30's are like the new 70s! we're old fuddyduds, because we raise our children better than the poor fashion Amber Portwood is!

nonmember avatar Tori Lynn

Amber should have never been on 'Sixteen and Pregnant' or especially 'Teen Mom'...This poor child is growing up in the spotlight because of it, when she doesn't have to. She's gonna go on the internet when she's like sixteen and see all of these poor stories about her. :( It's sad.

Mommy... Mommyof_one1502

Leah is the one who is the real victim here..Amber is crazy she loves to start a fight with Gary and doesn't even give him a time of day. Amber CAN change her behavior but it will need a lot of work. See where this has taken her she lost custody of her child and she will lose much more then that.. Amber get help!!

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