New 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Won't Open His Heart Again


Ben Flajnik
Ben Flajnik is the new Bachelor!
It's official. Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't snatch him up -- sweet, gorgeous, wine-making, California-living Ben Flajnik, 28, will be the next Bachelor, according to our friends at TooFab.

So what do you think? Are you happy they picked Ben F.? Will you watch? Or were you hoping to see someone else handing out roses in the new season? Like Ames Brown? Or Ryan Park?

I'm pretty satisfied with Ben as the pick; however, I am worried about one fairly big thing.

Knowing what we know about Ben, this could go a couple ways. He's either really really ready to find love after opening his wounded heart and being led on and totally rejected by Bachelorette Ashley Hebert -- OR, and this is my hunch, he's ready to be a total PLAYER! He'll seal that heart right back up in his bullet-proof chest and just have himself a rockin' good time with a bunch of gorgeous ladies? Can't you see it? And can you really blame him?

Either he's a really good actor, or his ego -- and his heart but more his ego, I think -- was SERIOUSLY rocked by Ashley. Remember how he reacted? Man, he was pissed and wrecked emotionally. And who in their right mind wouldn't be? The show is so evil, forcing Ashley to B.S. the runner-ups until the critical, heart-wrenching end and forcing the guys to stand, hearts outside their chests, in wait. It's a total doozy if you're a caring, feeling person, which Ben seems to be.

However, immediately following Ashley's rejection, we also got a little peek inside the soul of this guy -- and that little peek seemed to ooze "Ain't gonna let THAT happen again ..." Don't you think?

Taping is set to begin next month, and we shall soon see, but mark my words, Ben is totally going to enjoy being the one in charge for awhile. That alone might help heal his wounded heart.

Are you glad Ben will be the next Bachelor? Will you watch? How do you think he's going to approach his new Bachelor status?


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Tammy McBreairty Anderson

He may have a chip on his shoulder after being tracked down by JLH, but hopefully not. He seemed to be a pretty down to earth guy on the bachelorette...or is he a good actor??? But he is definitely a hotie!


MrsCh... MrsChurch

I am so excited! A local boy, woo hoo!

Laura Kelley Wilbanks

I was so wanting to see Ames be the next Bachelor. What a great guy and such a gentleman...I truly hope he finds what he's looking for.

lovet... lovetulips78

I have mixed feelings about it. I think they need to find some new people to be the Bachelor and bachelorette instead of ones that were on the show before.  Give someone new a chance.

Shahed Chrissy Kamali

Yes, Yes, Yes!! Great choice and will definitely be watching. Thank GOD it's not Ryan!!!

Gina Pounders Maskal

I think that Ames is guy. He's a great guy, but I think a man would suit him better. Ben is fantastic!

Nicole Hansen

I think its a great choice, but who knows how he will be after having his heart broken... Ames hooked up with Jackie from Brads season of the Bachelor and is head over heals for her.. Such a romantic, he gave up a chance at 1/4 of a million dollars for her.. Not that he needed the money anyways.. But it still shows more of his standout personality and charisma.. We shall watch and see... :) I was a huge Ben F fan BTW--- J.P.- is missing something...

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