'Glee Project' Chooses 4 Winners Instead of 1 (VIDEO)

glee projectOh, that Ryan Murphy. He's such a trickster! Gleeks everywhere sat with their TVs tuned to Oxygen last night, watching the finale episode of The Glee Project and expecting one contestant to reign supreme. But Murphy had to come along and declare not one, but two winners! That's right -- both Samuel Larsen, 19, and Damian McGinty, 18, won seven-episode arcs on season 3 of Glee. Cool, right?

Sure, it must have been a bit disappointing for the two runners-up, Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell. They got so far and could almost taste FOX super-stardom. But I've gotta be honest: They probably got the sweetest consolation prize ever. I'll give you a hint -- they're going to be on prime time TV, too.


Both of the runners-up from season one of The Glee Project are going to be featured in two episodes during the upcoming season of Glee. Not too shabby, eh?

Sure, two episodes may not be as big as seven -- but I'd go out on a limb and say that this may be exactly what they need to launch serious careers. Hear me out. Oxygen, while quality TV for sure, doesn't exactly get the sort of viewership that a big network like FOX does. In fact, The Glee Project didn't get great ratings overall and I think I only watched the show once when it just happened to be on one of the TVs at my gym.

However, a scene on Glee could mean the chance at covering a popular song. Then that song, like many of Glee favorites from last season ("Don't Stop Believin'" anyone?), could make it onto the iTunes charts and onto the playlists of hundreds of thousands. BAM! Instant career!

Sure, they got to hang out with some of the cast members of Glee while filming the spin-off show, but now they'll have a chance to really interact and work with them and possibly get a bit of advice about the rest of the business. All in all, having the chance to chat with Lea Michele or Chris Colfer sounds pretty badass to me.

Watch the contestants' reaction from last night's finale episode, here:

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