steve carell

Wigs. Rugs. Plugs. Bird's nests. No matter what you call them, a hair piece is a hair piece is a hair piece. Women use hair extensions and wigs all the time, and believe it or not, men do too -- especially men in Hollywood. You might not know it, but some of the biggest names in town were once bald, and now ... aren't.

Like Steve Carell, for instance. He was losing his hair when The Office first started, now the funny man's got gorgeous, flowing locks. Magic!

ted danson
Even though Ted Danson's hair is still a bit thin, the venerable actor used to have a large bald spot on the top of his head. Maybe he likes to keep his money from Cheers, Curb, and Damages where he can see it -- on top of his head.

ben affleck

Now this is entirely speculative, but is this some sort of rug? I don't understand this hair. There have been some rumors that the actor is actually bald, so it's possible Ben Affleck's full head of hair is actually a full head of someone else's hair. But he's hot regardless. Especially in a Boston College t-shirt.

jeremy piven

Jeremy Piven: hair today, gone tomorrow. The Entourage star has reportedly had hair transplant surgery.

joe biden

Our Vice President Joe Biden has magical powers -- he was close to completely bald in the 1980s, now look at him! It's like his hair never left.

john travolta

Who's got one thumb and a million hair pieces? This guy. When John Travolta was spotted without his wig on vacation, bald men everywhere let out a sigh of relief.

Can you think of any celebs who may or may not be wearing rugs?

Photos via Jason Kempin/Getty, DreamWorks Pictures, Splash News, Splash News, cliff1066/Flickr, Splash News