10 Male Stars With Gorgeous Fake Hair Pieces (PHOTOS)

hair loss celebritiesWigs. Rugs. Plugs. Bird's nests. No matter what you call them, a hair piece is a hair piece is a hair piece. Women use hair extensions and wigs all the time, but believe it or not, men do too -- especially men in Hollywood. You might not know it, but some of the biggest names in town were once bald, and now ... aren't.

There are countless websites devoted to speculating about which of our favorite male stars do and which don't have hair plugs, but the evidence really speaks for itself. Look around at the guys you see every day. Do all of them have lush, thick heads of hair? No. Then how and why do they in Hollywood? Is there something in the water?

Hmmm. We have compiled a list of 10 male stars rumored to have hair that's not exactly real.

Check out these 10 celebs below and then tell us:

Can you think of any other male stars who may wear hair pieces?

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Carol Turo

I'm sorry but there is a big difference between hair extensions and travolta who goes from a full head of hair from a wig to completely bald in the front. It's normal for people to go from short to long hair, hence extensions, but going from bald to full head of hair, eh not so much. I don't have a problem with wigs in holywood, sure know yourself out, but don't do both. Pick one travolta, either stick with the illusion that you have hair, or be bald, but pick one.

JaneE... JaneEyre27

I love my man's bald head!

Anyway, it could be that some of these stars are using Rogaine (or Rogaine-type products), which does not cause new growth but prevents the hair you have from falling out.  Dunno.  I'm kinda bummed that my pretend-boyfriend, Steve Carell, is cheating in the hair department.

Rugs Runners

Well hello! Who can't tell that John Travolta has been wearing "hair pieces" for the longest time! I like my men better natural and stop dying your hair! Can anyone say 'Nick Cage"!

Naomi Thompson

John Cryer has fake hair as well. I'll second the comment from Rugs Runners, I'd rather see gray hair or no hair than that ridiculously over-dyed hair - Bob Costas, Paul McCartney, James Woods, Sly Stallone. Let some gray in - especially if you're over 50! c'mon! you're fooling no one but yourselves.

nonmember avatar chris

Mel Gibson has had a transplant as well, (before "What women wants") - he has admitted to it.

Nic Cage & Gene Simmons must be using the same wig maker - they both look ridiculous.

Green... GreenKnitMama

Ben Affleck??? Say it ain't so!! 

nonmember avatar Mike

Big error in this article: Steve Carrell wasn't losing his hair during the first season of The Office, MICHAEL SCOTT was. To match up with the UK version, Carrell's hair was deliberately thinned / altered. After the success of "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and from season two onward, his hair was natural.

nonmember avatar Kenneth Shaw

Hair Club for M... are NFL Star Tom Brady weave, Gov. Rick Perry, and Rep. Eric Cantor wig.

Jacqueline Thoennes

John Travolta with a rug?  Wow.  I don't care who's bald or who has a rug or partial hairpiece!  John is hot! So are a lot of other guys with rugs, as long as the rugs look good.  Who wants something that looks like a rat's nest on their head?  LOL!  Look at the famous men with rugs...Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds, William Shatner just to name a few.  I'm all for a man in a rug or bald. It's the self confidence that comes through.  Telly Savales shaved his head bald and women died for him.  They thought he was hot!  Look at Yul Brennar.  He shaved his head for a movie and then continued to shave his head bald.  Who cares, rug or not...it's up to the man.

nonmember avatar Krystal

Women use extensions to cover up bald spots and thinning parts so why not men? Full head of hair looks much better done properly than patchy (or worse, the fake straw look that women also suffer from)

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