2 New 'Glee' Stars Are Going to (Mis)Fit in Just Fine (PHOTOS)

vanessa lengies and lamarcus tinkerLaMarcus Tinker and Vanessa Lengies

Gleeks, rejoice! Breaking news here. Two new celebs are joining our favorite high schoolers on FOX Tuesday nights. Their names? Vanessa Lengies and LaMarcus Tinker. I know. It's going to take some getting used to. It's sort of like when Sam and Blaine came into the picture last season, but we grew to love them both.

So let's get to know Glee's two newest cast members, shall we?


First up, Vanessa. You may recognize this 26-year-old from the hit TV show American Dreams, on which she played Roxanne. On the big screen, she's been a few movies -- her most notable role as Joanne in Stick It. However, if you ask me, this stint on Glee sounds like her biggest yet.

On the show, Lengies is set to walk the halls of McKinley High as Sugar, a spoiled new student. Described as a cross between a New Jersey Housewife and Molly Shannon, Sugar will be hoping to snag a spot with New Directions even though she can't carry a tune. Hmmm, no one else in the glee club is exactly vocally challenged, well, besides Mike, just a little. But at least he can dance! 

Now onto LaMarcus. You most definitely recognize him from his role of Dallas Tinker on Friday Night Lights. The 20-year-old actor from Houston, Texas, also had a stint on ABC's Cougar Town

Tinker will be playing Amber Riley's new boyfriend Marcus who she met over the summer break. Totally cute, right? He'll also be a linebacker for McKinley's football team. Glee's executive producer Brad Falchuk told reporters that the duo's relationship would be like "Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife in Jerry Maguire. He's the Big Bubba kind of guy and he encourages her to want more for herself." I love him so much already I just wanna squeeze his cheeks.

Is it going to be a change of pace? For sure. But I think now is as good of a time as any to mix things up. The countdown to the season 3 premiere in September continues!

What do you think of Glee's two new cast members?


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