'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Claims Co-Star Has a Dirty Secret


jenelle evans teen momIf there's anyone left out there who still feels bad for Jenelle Evans, the star of Teen Mom 2 just slammed a nail in that coffin. The "mom" of little Jace has proven again and again on the MTV reality show that she carries little respect for other people, from walking off with her mom's credit cards to crashing at someone else's house without their knowledge. But harnessing the power of her high-profile Twitter account (she has more than 100,000 followers), Evans sunk to an all-time low when she made one of her fellow teen mom's alleged secrets a matter of public record.

Just days after landing her butt back in jail on charges of violating her probation (for drug use -- surprise, surprise), she took to Twitter to bash Nikkole Paulun, a fellow star of the second season of 16 & Pregnant. Evans claims in a series of tweets that Paulun had an abortion sometime after the birth of son Lyle:

@nikkoleMTV yeah well at least we kept our children and didn't get an abortion :)

And she doesn't let it end with the snarky smiley face. Look what Evans had to say when she was challenged that she shouldn't fabricate facts about her co-stars:

@HeatherTMT make up?! LMFAO after Lyle and before teen mom nikkole got an abortion when we were friends she told me she was keeping it

If that's what she says about her friends on Twitter, I'd sure hate to meet one of her enemies! Frankly, it doesn't matter whether it's true or not. It's a vicious rumor to start and a secret that shouldn't be shared by anyone but the woman involved. Abortion, while legal, is a very personal decision. It's not to be taken lightly and certainly not something to be used as an "insult" or "joke."

It's particularly not something to be shared on the Internet, a forum that's more public than any other. Tweets are now collected by the Library of Congress. They're very literally part of the American public "record." Evans certainly isn't alone in thinking it's "OK" to be mean on Twitter because the site allows you to spill your guts without an editor looking over your shoulder. But this is a girl who spends half her time on Twitter complaining that the tabloids are getting it all wrong about her. You'd hope that would teach her a lesson in respecting other people's right to be kept out of the rumor mill?

Of course the reason Nikkole Paulun has Evans all hot and bothered just drives home why she's always in the gossip rags. Nikkole is currently dating Corey Simms, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer. Evans is "sticking up" for Leah by creating another scandal. This girl just can't stay away from drama.

Is this an all-time low or just the same old, same old for Jenelle Evans?


Image via MTV


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UmmTalal UmmTalal

Teens watch teen mom so I would not know lol.



Heather Fadenholz

@Ummtalal, I watch teen mom and I'm 28. I can also give you a list of other people who watch it who are not teens. I feel as though I am educating myself to what to watch out for and what is going on in the world of teens today. I am invested in this because I have a son that will one day be a teen and I would like to be as educated as I can on what's going on in his world. I feel as though it is not a waste of time when it may save my child from something that could potentially ruin him. We all know how teenagers are and how their minds work and I for one would like to be a little ahead of the curve. Thanks for judging before you have any empathy.

nonmember avatar Miss Ann

What a disgusting way to act. This is what happens when trash like that is given fame. I haven't even watched the newer seasons because the first one wraps it up pretty well. Girls in highschool love drama and putting them in the spotlight while highly hormonal from pregnancy their antics worsen 100 fold. The worst part is that those babies, who are compeletly innocent in all of this, suffer the most. This kind of unnessary malicious behavior is why all teenage girls get a bad wrap. It would never occure to me to do this now, as a 20 year old or 4 years ago in highschool. Maybe i was just raised right because i simply don't understand this.

Lizzy... LizzyxBell

I WONT watch that show... its MTV telling teens that are hard up for money to have some drama and its been proven that a few were kicked off the show for trying to be GOOD parents... i dont hear much about the people who are trying just the idiots who are being shitty parents. why dont they lock them ALL AWAY and just take their kids? make it impossible for them to have more...

so many people out there WANT babies but CANT have them and then you have little skanks out there poppiing out kids at 14 15 16 or younger and getting paid for it?

i have HEARD teens here saying im going to get knocked up to be on teen mom... WTF?!

Sweet... SweetiePeasMama

DRAMA. MTV does pick these girls speficially for the drama they are able to create and they got the pick of the litter with Jenelle. She'll be bringing them in ratings for as long as the show is one. Her and Amber are the moms everyone loves to hate. On the other side of that though, my husband is currently working on an episode for the upcoming 16 & Pregnant and said MTV producers do 'set things up' occasionaly. Not saying that happened here but they do act as 'directors' just proving reality TV isn't real to all those girls that WANT to get pregnant to be on the show! There's so much more to being a mom than whats on TV! And you can't stop being a mom once the camera leaves, which seems to be the case with some of these girls...Jenelle is a case in point!

nonmember avatar ashlee

I would not refer to any of these girls as "stars" by any deffinition of the word.

Poiso... PoisonousHoney

That's horrible. That chick is just nuts. And WOW tweets collected by the Library of Congress? Thank God I don't tweet stupid shit....

Catherine Brody

I dont watch Teen Mom, but fro mwhat I am readinb thats crazy. she should not be diviulging information so full of drama ;)

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