Bravo Should Cancel 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 2


Real Housewives of Beverly HillsAs anticipation has been building for season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, no one could have predicted the real-life twist that occurred when Russell Armstrong, ex-husband of Taylor Armstrong, took his own life Monday night. Shocking and heartbreaking, particularly for the children he leaves behind, but it also presents an interesting challenge to Bravo: Can they really air season two in light of this tragedy?

The previews we've seen to date that have us so psyched for this second season have been focused heavily on the tumultuous relationship the Armstrongs had. Even Taylor's recent revelation that Russell had abused her seemed timed to promote the couple's discord accordingly. Just last week Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards discussed the couple's rocky relationship and how it would be featured on season two.

Even that feels wrong in light of the current events. Bravo has now banned the Housewives from talking about the suicide, according to TMZ, but filming is supposedly going to continue tomorrow. That seems a little quick, but perhaps they're scrambling because I don't see how they can show what they've already filmed with any sensitivity.

Not because reality television is somehow to blame for his death, as some believe. With or without cameras, he seemed to be battling demons for much of his adult life with restraining orders filed against him by at least two other women. The show may have compounded things, but it can't be held responsible for his actions. It can, however, choose to proceed in a respectful manner instead of a ratings-hungry one.

In the previews (which currently seem to be down), we saw Taylor crying and complaining about her relationship, and you can just imagine how the other Housewives would likely bolster her, tell her she's better off without him, or all those things women say to each other and about the man when one is in a wrong relationship. They all may be true, but I can't imagine watching that knowing what we know now. Yes, it's supposed to be reality TV, but this might be a little too real.

At the very least, it seems Bravo is going to have a hell of an editing job to do over the next couple of weeks if the series is to debut as scheduled on September 5. This doesn't seem to be a case in which a few words of type offering condolences is going to be enough. As much as it pains me to say it -- because I was really looking forward to this season -- this may be a case in which the show just shouldn't go on.

Do you think Bravo should cancel season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Julie... Julienikki06

They should cancel I out of respect for his kids. In no way is Taylor to blame for this! She put up with his abusive ass for years and then he abandons her daughter like this!? And SHE is to blame? Ignorant judgmental people....unless you are perfect or have lived in her shoes SHUT UP!

nonmember avatar Maria

Yes Bravo Tv should be cancel the show,a tragedy happened because this couple, and now is a dead person ,100% beacuse the show this guy was depressed has financial problems this gold digger talking trash about him and the show streesful time all were the cause of this dead! I blame Bravo, stop this stupid show making this low life's vain ,shallow women millionaires for a episode they make one million that make me sick with this economy while we regular people don't even had job the privileged life of this woman is outrageous ,and now someone is gone ....

mommix4 mommix4

I didn't know people still watched those shows.

nonmember avatar Melly

I was looking forward to the show too, it's the only one of the franchise I watch, but they need to cancel it. I won't be able to watch it; especially with Taylor still on, a constant visual reminder of what happened. Plus, is it best for the little girl?

I will always wonder if Russell being on this show contributed to his suicide. For a fragile person already losing everything, to have all that magnified for world consumption on a show, with all the inherent negativity/headlines/ may have pushed him over the edge.

In private, w/o the show, he may have been able to work through these issues w/o taking his life.

nonmember avatar vicp11

Bravo should not cancel the season. They shoot so much footage, they have plenty of time to re-edit. I love to analyze what is going on inside their minds. Like when Camille Grammer picked the red dress hoping Kelsey would change his mind. Then there's Kelsey convincing Camille to come out for the awards "to see how things go" instead of saying he don't want to be hounded by reporters asking where is Camille?

Meredith Ford Fuhrer

As soon as I heard that Russell had commited suicide I wondered if they would cancel the show. As much as I want to watch this season I feel like they should at least delay the show, edit it like crazy to delete most of Taylor's (if not all of her scenes) and then shoot additional footage to make up for the absense of her story line (which seems like a great deal of the focus this season). Then at least we can still watch what happens with the other ladies and the season won't be a total waste. 

Jennifer Kupper Swan

I think they should cancel it not because the suicide and abuse allegations (that happens daily in the US anyway) but because it's abysmal programming.  Have writers exhausted their imaginations that much that they cannot write a real sitcom or drama anymore?  Reality tv is contributing to the dumbing down of America.

onebl... oneblondemama

"Just last week Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer discussed the couple's rocky relationship and how it would be featured on season two."

Did you mean to say Kyle Richards, not Kelsey Grammer?

Kelly Tinerella Portales

I think it should air-with some extra editing. Show less of things being said about Russel himself,maybe just Taylor being upset about her marriage and her friends being there is ok, just no russel bashing. Its supposed to be reality tv this is as real as it gets. They can still show the story while being respectful.

nonmember avatar Annie

simply edit out the Armstrong family, seems like a no brainer to me

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