Jennifer Aniston's Dad Doesn't Want to Be 'Friends' With Justin Theroux


jennifer anistonYou never really hear much about Jennifer Aniston's soap opera legend dad, John Aniston. It's always been about her mom, Nancy, and the tenuous (read: non-existent) relationship the two have. But now, Jen's old man is speaking up. And boyfriend Justin Theroux probably should cover his ears.

See, Jennifer arranged a dinner for both of the men in her life at an L.A. restaurant recently, and it didn't exactly go as planned. John apparently thought Justin was a fine enough guy and all, but he's just not convinced he can give Jen what she needs.

And can you blame him?

Maybe it's just the media's obsession with the 42-year-old actress's crappy love life track record, but ever since the couple was first spotted together, rumors have been swirling around about how Justin is still in love with his ex, Heidi Bivens. This concerns Jen's dad, as he's apparently afraid the smokin' hot actor will eventually get back with this Heidi woman, leaving his little girl with a broken heart. It's all actually very sweet.

I like seeing Jen and Justin together. In photos, they really do seem into each other -- and no one deserves a good relationship more than the former Friends star. But I don't know, something seems like it could go awry at any moment. I can't figure out if it's him and the slight player-esque vibe he gives off or her, well, crappy love life track record.

Nothing would delight me more than seeing Jen and Justin happily ever after. Save for maybe being thrown into a room filled with puppies and Nutella. I feel like the media would finally ditch the whole she's-still-in-love-with-Brad Pitt nonsense, and a small piece of Angelina Jolie would die inside because her unexplainable arch nemesis would "officially" be completely and totally happy.

Like Jen's dad, I'm nervous, though. So all I can do is wait. And take comfort in small dogs and chocolate spread in the interim.

Do you think Justin is right for Jen?


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nonmember avatar Mar

I gave my comment I wish all the best for Jennifer, and it is none of our business to pick her mate for her! Especially her jealous old dad, who told her to ONLY marry a GREEK like him! Sick! May she have this nice man, babies, homes, and a future !! Finally.

nonmember avatar Guest

This story originates from a UK tabloid and goes against multiple US reports that her father and Justin got along very well when they met.

Also, Jen and her mother reconciled in 2005, and have been rebuilding their relationship ever since. She has mentioned a couple of times now that she is in regular contact with her mother.

And I agree that I hope for the best for her and Justin and would love to see her settled and with a family.

nonmember avatar purplesky

Sounds Jen an Justin are happy together.
Tabloids and people should leave them alone.

nonmember avatar emily

He's cute, she should just have babies with him anyway. She isn't getting any younger.

Amber Cee

puppies and nutella...too funny!

nonmember avatar Jack Jack

Why in the world would Angelina Jolie care what Jennifer does let alone "die inside"?

Step away from the tabloid racks. They'll fry your brain every time.

nonmember avatar Nicole

I do think he’s still in love with his ex. After 14 years who wouldn't be? Does it mean he will leave Jen for his ex? No, not at all, we always love the person we spent part of our lives with. It's just natural. Whether he can overcome those feelings and maintain a healthy relationship with Jen remains to be seen. I believe he is working hard on it already, otherwise why would he be stepping out "officially" with Jen? It’s hard to let someone go but I think that train left the station long before Jen was around. He seems to be the commitment type (he’s not John Mayer), so I’m sure it’ll work out just fine! I hope the best for these two.

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