'Teen Mom' Recap: Farrah Abraham Can't Handle Baby Number Two


Farrah Abraham SophiaIt was only a matter of time really. One of the stars of Teen Mom had to start talking about adding another baby to the family. So who did you have your money on? Was it Farrah Abraham? Then give yourself a prize, because the sixth episode of Season 3 was a doozy.

Farrah added a puppy to her family!

What? Not like a new baby at all? Tell that to Farrah, who spent the entire episode acting like a teenager who just found out she was pregnant and is scared to tell her mom. Only instead of a bun in the oven, it was a puppy she bought "for" her daughter that she was desperate to keep hidden.

Getting a dog for your kid may not be all that weird, but most grown-ups at least have the decency to check with the landlord first. Only problem is, Farrah's landlord is her mom, Debra. And needless to say, she didn't bother making the call. She just hit the puppy shop.

And here I thought Farrah was straightening out after we sat gnashing our teeth over the safety of Sophia in the first two seasons of Teen Mom, when Farrah was leaving her alone in apartment building hallways and sinks full of water! I was hoping she at least learned something about putting the needs of the teeny tiny ahead of herself. Remind me not to put too much faith in flighty reality show stars?

With Debra living across the street, Farrah's too afraid to even take "Candy" outside. Instead she forces the poor pup to wear a diaper (see what I mean about the new baby?). And she holds the struggling creature over a toilet, ordering her to pee. Wait, let me repeat that. She held A PUPPY over a toilet, and told it to pee.

When that doesn't work -- surprise, surprise -- Farrah admits a dog is a lot harder than she expected. Kind of like parenting, Farrah?

Debra drives me up the wall with the way she babytalks to little Sophia and enables her daughter, but she deserves full credit for calling Farrah out when she tries to blame the whole fiasco on Sophia. Sorry, girl, but it's kind of obvious the 2-year-old didn't beg you to hide a dog in your apartment!

After watching her try to handle a baby and a puppy, there's a bit of good news. Farrah told Sophia she's not "popping out" anymore kids anytime soon, so the dog will have to suffice for kiddie company. Hallelujah! Dogs and kids aren't the same, but if you can't handle the responsibility and hard work of caring for a dog, you can't even begin to handle a human!

And a bit of credit to Farrah -- hers was far from the worst parenting fail of the episode. That goes to Gary Shirley for spending the night before his daughter's birthday party out partying it up himself, leaving his apartment a mess ... and a packet of condoms on the floor for baby Leah to scoop up. Where's a puppy when you need one to keep those pesky things out of the kids' hands?

What do you think of the way Farrah handled the puppy incident? Could any of the Teen Moms really handle another kid right now?


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blue_... blue_glass_mama

Ryans parents are irritating me, always asking how ryan can get rid of kyle, and always wanting ryan to take Maci to court, they are so irritating!! And Maci didn;t do anything wrong

3rdCo... 3rdCoastTXtoast

Hey, why don't you just argue about it?

nonmember avatar nicole- canine

This makes me ángry due to the fact she bought the puppy from a Puppy mill, and bought the dog without thinking of the training the puppy needs, and responsibe ownership, that pup is going to live for a other 14 years. She probably thought the puppy is going to be like a goldfish

vamom08 vamom08

What kind of puppy did farrah get ?I don't think maci is like anything like the previous poster said I think she is a better mom than the other girls on the show she is in school also she tried to work and go to school. I guess all the women out here are spoil because their receiving child support I think she deserves it I believe she is still in love with ryan.

Justa... Justamom283

While I think it was an impulsive buy on Farrah's part getting the puppy I don't think that makes her that bad of a person. She's not the 1st person to fall for a cute puppy face and then wake up from the "puppy fog" and realize just how much work it is. And I think the puppy potty on the toilet was her kidding around with her daughter. But the fact she hid it from her landlord/mother doesn't scream maturity.

nonmember avatar dani

I think that Farrah thought she was doing the right thing. It seems as though her mom may help her, so I am sure that the. Puppy will be fine.

Maci should have spoken to Ryan about Kyle moving in because I am sure that she would have expected the same from him.

As far as Gary's parenting, I don't think it is bad parenting to go out the night before her party. It was just poor judgement. I wouldn't expect his apartment to be clean. Even when he lived with Amber they were both dirtballs. All I could think of when they showed her new house, is what a mess it will soon be.

MrsSi... MrsSimonsen

Gary and amber don't deserve that lil girl. They're both scum

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Farrah needs a book on how to train a dog and the first things is you don't put the dog on the toilet to go to the bathroom you put the dog on the leash and take it for a walk.

Catyleen it nice to see her get the support she needs from others who have been thought what she has and i'm glad she is helping out her friend but i'm also glad to see her and Tyler working.

Amber and Gary are both messes and need to relazie everything they do affects there daughter. They both just need to put there feelings aside and worry about there daughter.

Maci I'm glad to see her moving on with her life and doing the best for her son but as for her ex needs to stop listing to his parent's espcially his mom and start doing things for himself. His parent's needs to butt out espcially his mom only want Kyle not around her grandson because she is pissed Maci moved on and found someone who actually cares for her instead of being with someone who needs to grow up.

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