Sexy Military Guys Make 'Glee' Song Even Hotter (VIDEO)

7 Commando Battery 'Glee'In my life, I have many loves. Glee happens to be one of them. My fella, who happens to have recently returned from his second deployment in Afghanistan, another. Call me a sappy pansy, I can handle it.

So you can imagine that I may or may not have drooled just an eensy bit when I watched the latest video out of Afghanistan. God bless their souls (and their abs) -- soldiers from the 7 Commando Battery lightened the mood with their rendition of Glee's version of "Don't Stop Believing." My worlds, they're colliding! "Don't Stop Believing" is already on my top five favorite Glee songs of all time list. And while I totally love gazing at Cory Monteith, I'm thinking these men in uniform take the cake for best Glee cover of a cover, ever!


So good, right? My favorite thing about this, aside from their smokin' hotness, is that we really get taken on a big tour around where they're stationed. I remember waiting many days for those phone calls from Afghanistan and hearing about the place where my boyfriend worked out, the small outhouses, the observation tower, the shared bunk beds -- and this video brings them all to life. Not to mention, watching real men sing over Lea Michele's vocals while peeking over the shower stalls isn't just comedic, it's also downright adorable.

Are you as in love with the 7 Commando Battery's rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" as I am?


Image via YouTube

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