Selena Gomez Is More Than Justin Bieber's Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Selena GomezSelena Gomez may owe boyfriend Justin Bieber a big thank-you for bringing her from Disney Channel starlet to center of the international spotlight. But if her big wins at the Teen Choice Awards proved anything, it's that Selena would be fine even if the breakup rumors proved true. She is much more than Justin Bieber's girlfriend.


She's the winner of five Teen Choice Awards (Choice TV Actress Comedy, Choice Music Group, Choice Music Single, Choice Music Love Song, and Choice Female Hottie). And after spending Friday night at the Woodstock site taking in Selena Gomez and the Scene's sixth stop on her first ever tour, I can report she's still a kid with a big heart who's just grateful to be where she is.

When her We Own the Night tour stopped at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the performing arts center built on the grounds of the original site of Woodstock, my daughter begged me to take her. And after listening to Who Says -- the girl power anthem of the summer -- I caved. Who can argue with a star who's teaching our girls to stand up and refuse to believe the haters, who says you don't have to be a beauty queen, you just have to be yourself to be beautiful? She got me. Hook, line, sinker, y'all:

Selena Gomez

While the Biebs is out there wearing t-shirts with the F-bomb and getting political, Gomez in concert is a teenager who remembers who her fans are and why their moms love her. Starting on time (no diva stunt for her), she peppered her speech with shout-outs to the kids, changed costumes quickly to maximize the fan experience, and made sure she brought up her charitable interests, including a directive to visit the chunk of her website devoted solely to "doing good."

Not to mention, Gomez can sing. Really sing. Like a girl putting her heart on the line, she proved she's not just some manufactured by Disney doll with a pretty smile and a famous boyfriend. Gomez is the real thing. A kid who made good, who gets that other kids need a good role model.

Selena Gomez

She earned those Teen Choice Awards on her own merits, not because of who she dates. And she earned this mom's heart the same way. If nothing else, it makes swallowing the $40 t-shirt (did I mention that hook, line, sinker part?) for my starstruck kid a whole lot easier!

Are you a Gomez fan? What about Bieber?


Images by Jeanne Sager

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