Heather Locklear & Jack Wagner Make 50 Look Freaky (PHOTO)

Jack Wagner Heather Locklear
Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear
Did you know Heather Locklear is dating '80s hottie and former Melrose Place co-star Jack Wagner? Since 2007? I guess I totally missed the memo. Anyway, check these kids out on the town the other night -- oh right, they're both 50, give or take, and they're not kids. So why the hell are they trying to be the young zesty stars they once were a bajillion years ago. Isn't it okay to evolve and grow? He's frickin' blonde for godssake (only Rod Stewart can pull that crap off) and she's stuffed into a too-tight black dress, rockin' the same exact hairstyle she wore in TJ Hooker, minus a few curling iron curls.

Will someone please let these kids know THEY ARE 50 and it's okay to take it down a notch now? And we don't mean in dress size either!


Let's start with Heather Locklear. No doubt she's still totally hot, fresh-faced, and flawless at 49 (she'll be 50 next month), but it would really be okay if she cut the blonde mane for once and tried something new. Staying physically fit and looking youthful is great (yes, I'm jealous); however, that doesn't mean you need to try to stay frozen in time -- exactly as you were at 20. Locklear could stand to bump the little black dress size up a bit -- not because she needs to necessarily but because she can and still look marvelous, better even -- and not like she's trying so dang hard.

And 51-year-old Jack Wagner -- whoah! I looked at the photo above and was like who's the freaky blonde dude Heather Locklear is dating? First of all, did I mention he's BLONDE? And second of all, he's sort of channeling Siegfried and Roy over Robert Redford. Not the kind of whacky 50 any men other than flamboyant lion entertainers should really aspire to attain. But then again, when you're dating someone who looks half your age and was into rock stars, I guess you'll try anything.

It must be tough when you become famous for your looks and your hotness. It becomes hard to forget how to present yourself any other way. But I am all for people growing and changing and becoming better with age. I wish Hollywood would tell the masses it really is okay.

Do you think Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner are trying too hard?


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