Cha Cha, the Sexy 'Grease' Mean Girl, Dies at 63 (VIDEO)


Cha Cha Annette Charles Grease Thunder RoadCha Cha's finest moment in GreaseActress, dancer, and Hand Jive extraordinaire, Annette Charles, who played Hollywood's original and most stunning mean girl Cha Cha DiGregorio in Grease -- aka the best movie ever! -- has died. Sadly, Charles passed away last night in her Los Angeles home due to complications from cancer.

Nooooo, Cha Cha!

No one will ever forget Annette Charles' portrayal of bad girl Cha Cha, Sandy Olsson's (Olivia Newton-John) arch nemesis in Grease. She rode around in hot cars looking cool beside her bad-ass Scorpion boyfriend Leo, she let Kenickie (RIP Jeff Conaway) fake fondle and slap her on the dance floor (oh my!), and she stole Danny Zuko (John Travolta) away from Sandy right at the pivotal point in the nationally televised dance competition, proceeded to dance her ass off with him, and won the dance prize while Sandy cried in her prom dress.

Damn, that scene was hot. Mean and rotten but sizzling hot.

WATCH Cha Cha's famous mean girl dance scene:

Of course, my personal favorite Cha Cha scene took place on Thunder Road during the finale drag race between Danny and Leo. Cha Cha performed the sexiest, most dramatic Drag Race Flag Girl moment ever, in which she strutted out in tight yellow high-waisted crop pants and a fitted gray sweater and used her bright yellow night scarf to start the race. Hot, definitely hot.

We all know Cha Cha had what Sandy wanted -- thus Sandy's edgy, bad-girl look in the end. And really, didn't Cha Cha have what we all wanted?

Annette Charles, may she rest in peace.

What was your favorite Cha Cha moment in Grease?

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Always loved loved loved her dress in the dance scene.

spaan... spaangel13

'the best dancer at St. Bernadettes'.    At least I think that what the name of her school.  haha

Cha Cha pulling a locket or some sort of lucky charm from her cleavage at the drag race.  One of the pink ladies asks, 'What was that'?  'a lock of hair from her chest!'  ha ha

I loved Grease and I totally loved to hate Cha Cha; but she was talented.  :o)

Littl... Little_Mamma230

I like the Dance scene. I love Grease it is my all time fav movie. I watch it at least once a wk if not more.


tiger123 tiger123

That's  awful!  Jeff Conaway and now Cha-cha!  Grease is my oldest son's favorite movie.  He loves the music.    Cha-cha and Rizzo were my favorite characters from that movie-"the bad girls"- but they had personality. 

nonmember avatar CassiefairyTutu

Aww so sad to hear this news.
I too loved that dress with the blue frilly tulle pettiskirt - I think I'm going to have to make a replica tutu pettiskirt in her honour. RIP Cha Cha "with the worst reputation" :o(

Allison Priest Leonard

Yes, it was St. Bernadette's! I always remembered that for some reason. I love Grease. In sixth grade theatre class, we did the play. I was Frenchie in one scene and Rizzo in another (not enough kids, haha).

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