'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene Secrets Revealed

bella breaking dawnIt's been THE question on every Twi-Hard's mind since Breaking Dawn was published: How are they ever going to pull off that birth scene in the movie?? With good reason, too -- plain old human birth can be enough of a gore-fest, but the birth of Renesmee, as it's written, is quite possibly the bloodiest, most shocking moment in the entire series.

We already kind of knew that the film version was going to be somewhat tamer than the original, given that Kristen Stewart has said she wished the scene was more "grotesque, because that's how it's written in the book." (She also expressed regret at not getting to puke up blood.)

But now, thanks to director Bill Condon, we have a better idea of what Renesmee's birth is going to look like ...



While filming the scene, Condon explained, he gave himself "one rule": The audience would see only what Bella could see. Clever! Shot from Bella's perspective, the movie can stay true to the book's violent account without showing anything that might have tipped the PG-13 scales.

Think about it: Lying on her back -- not to mention delirious with pain -- Bella's vision is limited (and probably blurry). We'll still be able to see Edward bite through his bride's belly to set his daughter free; we'll no doubt get as much gnarly placenta-chewing action as we can bear. But we won't be subjected to a CGI horror-fest that leaves too little to the imagination, nor will we have to roll our eyes through a series of obviously censorious angles (if Carlisle's head wasn't in the way, we'd see some seriously messed up stuff right there!).

I have to admit, though, instead of being momentarily satisfied by Condon's hints, now I really can't wait to see this scene!! Is it November yet??

Do you think the birth scene in Breaking Dawn will be as good as it was in the book?


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