'Real Housewives of New York' Reunion Part 2 Recap: It's Team Blonde by a Hair


Real Housewives of New YorkThis whole season of The Real Housewives of New York has been about pitting Team Blonde (Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Alex McCord) against Team Brunette (LuAnn de Lesseps, Kelly BensimonCindy Barshop, and Jill Zarin -- even though her hair is red). Though I've wavered along the way, now that all the happenings have been hashed and rehashed, I'm finally ready to take an official side. It was a difficult decision as there are so many, many marks against both sides, but after part two of the reunion, I've got to go with ... Team Blonde.

The brunettes are certainly better rehearsed and have been obviously training seriously for their roles as professional victims, but essentially, they're just mean. Saying, "This is who I am, I own it" doesn't make it nice. But that's what the talking points said, so repeatedly that's what they said.

Poor Alex. The brunettes once again bullied and bulldozed her with everything they had. Like a pack of mean wolves, they found the weakest victim and went for blood. While she and her red face tried to fight back, she didn't get a whole lot of support from her teammates Ramona and Sonja (who don't really want her on their team anyway) until the very end when Ramona told them to leave her alone.

Alex tried so hard to make her points and be heard, but she's just not tough enough to hang with these girls. When they brought up her trying to social climb through them, she shot back with, "If I was trying to socialize above myself, I would stay the hell away from all of you because you’re a liability." They all just kind of snickered at that. It's sad really, because the truth is that she's insignificant to them. No matter how hard she hits, it's like the class weakling going after the football team -- it's not going to hurt them. But when that team trounces the poor guy, it's not pretty to watch. But trounce her they did ... with LuAnn leading the pack.

The Countess is the most infuriatingly condescending, ridiculous joke of a housewife in the history of Housewives. She chortles, rolls her eyes, says "ya habibi" way too much, and gets in digs at anyone she can from her throne high, high above the rest of them. Even Jill agreed. When Andy asked LuAnn to respond to readers' opinions that LuAnn is condescending, Jill stuck up for her and (using those talking points again) said, "That's just who she is." Yes, it is.

Jill and Kelly are her loyal servants, and Cindy ... why was Cindy there again? I think she spoke four words during the entire episode tonight: "I'm a great mom." Oh wait, she may have also called the blondes "chicken heads" that were quacking like ducks ... which didn't make much sense.

Anyway, Jill is such a narcissistic hypocrite, it's almost comical how she doesn't see it. One minute she declared Ramona an alcoholic to the world, then when Ramona shot back with insinuations that perhaps Jill had her own problem with alcohol, Jill grabbed that professional victim hat and said Ramona is the lowest and most disgusting of sorts for accusing her of the exact same thing (which she denies).

Kelly is just kookoo and for the most part sticks to her one line: "You're weird!" which she throws at Alex whenever she can. Kelly is no stranger to weirdness, that's for sure; the chick is batty, simply batty. She's pretty to look at though.

The blondes have their share of issues for sure and weren't all kind and loving, but the difference is that they throw out jabs for the most part when they're attacked (real or imagined) and don't go out looking for trouble. They just want to have fun, and the brunettes should lighten up (their attitudes, if not their hair), pour some pinot grigio, and join the party instead of looking to provoke and attack.

And you know what, when the cameras stop rolling, they may just do that. Alex and Cindy won't be invited, but the rest of them aren't really that upset with one another that a little time and/or wine can't mend things.

As for what's next for this group of Housewives, I don't know. They made some sketchy comments at the end about IF they all come back, but I'm not sure we really want them to. It seems to me these ladies are stuck in a place that's not all that interesting, and some new New York blood just may be in order.

So, after all is said and done, which team are you on -- Team Blonde or Team Brunette? Do you want to see these ladies come back for another season?

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Debbie Anderson

I gotta go with the blondes..and not just because I am one.

Ramona and Alex seem flawed, sure, but human, which is more than I can say for the brunette bitch-bots.

Mbpea... Mbpeaceful12

Ramona gets on my nerves with her passive-aggressive jabs, while I wonder why can't Sonja ever find her panties. I am sorry, but Team Blonde annoy me. However, without them, there would not be drama-and drama is the only reason why I watch this show, along with the other Real Housewives of Wherever.

jodig... jodigalvin

Team Brunette.  Honestly though, Real Housewives of New York is my least favorite.  I can barely stand watching it. 

nonmember avatar rita blickensta

I totally agree with your take on the reunion and the entire season. Bravo should get rid of Jill, LuAnn, and Kelly. Cindy should be the next to go. Did anyone see Natalie Cole dis the countess and her ability to sing on the Joy Behar show. Thank you Natalie Cole. I thought I was the only one who thinks LuAnn is so bad.

Noel Clennan Acerra

Even though I'm a brunette, I am going with Team Blonde. The brunettes are just too mean. But I wish Team Blonde stuck up for Alex a little bit. Yeah, she's weird but it was uncomfortable watching her trying to defend herself against the dark haired harpies

Tracy Smith Mulvaney

I've been Team Blonde since the beginning....BULLYING in the form of a Brunettte isn't a pretty look on anyone!

Wanda Filut Wells

Team blonds for sure. I find it ironic Jill has an anti bullying charity & then gets voted the biggest bully on "Watch What Happens Live w/Andy C.  I think Alex is articulate and educated & the brunettes are not and don't know how to respond to her matter of fact statements, so they tell her to shut up.  When Lulu responded to Alex with " oh be quiet Alex, I'm not talking to you" her true trailor trash came out. How  rude can they be?

nonmember avatar JODY KEALEY

It is a tough choice but the blondes are just too dizzy for words. Alex is the most annoying,unattractive, and pitiful thing ever! Sonya is ok even though she forgets her drawers, and Ramona...so hard to believe she could be the queen of business. She is just as mean as the brunette side. She makes Jill look like Mother Theresa!

Michelle Martin

talk about passive agressive, LuAnn is the Queen of it. And you all thought she was a Countess!  Was Cindy there? Kelly, calling Alex weird is like the pot calling the kettle black! Really, what a train wreck

nonmember avatar jack

Amen. LuAnn. What a foul witch, passing off her spiteful, snide remarks as being light and 'fun'. Kelly should be shot, and what was amazing was how the brunettes kept touching each other lovingly, to show solidarity. When YOU KNOW Jill will turn on Kelly tomorrow. Or The C. That bonding was so damed forced.
And, yes. Again - NO ONE there takes Alex seriously because she didn't marry money. Period. She will never belong in that coven, and she should blatantly fake it just enough to self-promote.

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