'Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Recap: 5 Clues Bentley Williams Is a Fake


As usual, "The Men Tell All" special on The Bachelorette was a big suck-up fest full of men trying to make everyone love them. But it was one man who didn't make the show -- Bentley Williams -- who got the lion's share of the evening. And it all became clear.

For the first time, it was obvious that Bentley was a plant from the get-go. And, no, this has nothing (nothing at all!) to do with the fact that teasers and promos for the "Men Tell All" episode implied all week that Williams -- perhaps the biggest villain in Bachelor history -- would be there to face off against Ashley.

Alas, that wasn't meant to be. But there were quite a few signs that he was actually faking his villainous ways. Here are some:

Promoting "his work": Williams owns a trampoline jumping fun center. It has nothing to do with Hollywood or Los Angeles or anything that would even get a boost from a show like The Bachelorette. So why bother? Or, as Constantine said Sunday night: “Supposedly he owns a family fun center -- so, great promotion?" Exactly.

His openness: Look, I don't care how much you want to get out of a place, a player keeps the game to himself. The things he said were so blatant and villainous, they were almost cartoonish, Dr. Evil kinds of things. I mean, come on? Let's be real here.

His "unwillingness" to show Sunday night: Let's all recall when Rozlyn Papa showed up after the Jake Pavelka's show burned her hard. She made Chris Harrison look like the sniveling little mess he is. She accused him of many things, but more accused the show of creative editing. I totally buy it. This time, they were taking no chances. With the mystery remaining, everyone still thinks he is the villain. 

His child: I don't care how messed up in the head you are, typically when you have a young child, you don't go and openly humiliate yourself on national television, exposing both yourself and your child to serious hatred and anger.

His defenders: There are many people who think Williams was badly edited or enticed to say the things he said or, even worse, PAID to say them. It's hard to imagine that a person would have so many defenders (and only one real enemy who knows him in real life). Let's recall that Michelle Money is the source of all of this and she was batpoop insane on Brad's season. Did you see her Sunday night? She is nuts, so maybe we shouldn't listen to everything she has to say, huh?

Do you think Bentley was the one being played?

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Ada C. Custodio

OMG!! Even if this was all staged, he is still a dog for getting paid to do this, getting paid does not excuse him from anything. paid or not, edited or not he is still a dog it was done for one reason or another..

Georgia Wheeler

I want to say that I commented on THIS VERY BLOG SITE right from the start that the whole thing was faked this year. Ashley, Chris, the producers, everyone "KNEW" right from the start that he was a villain. It was all faked, all of it. And I'm looking back in time to previous Bachelor/Bachelorette years. I think they think they know what we want to see and hear and are giving it to us. Its become a staged, written soap opera.

Therese Cannon Ketchem

Michelle Money is and was an actress before she came on the Bachelor. I don't know why they think they need to create characters to make the drama WORSE!

nonmember avatar Andrea

Crap, crap. Even his ex-wife said that's how he is in real life. The dude is just a complete cad.

nonmember avatar Me

Nope, no faking. Who he is on the show is who he is. I agree with Andrea, his wife even stated that he's like that in real life (watch her interview). To top it all off I was talking with people who know his ex-wife the other day and they confirmed he is like that in real life (and had some pretty sad stories about him). Yes, it's hearsay, but the stories from his real life are not any different from how he was portrayed on TV. I think the Bachelorette show just lucked out and got a true to life villain.

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