Sexy 'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon Scenes Revealed! (VIDEO)

Breaking Dawn Edward Bella honeymoonEdward (Robert Pattinson)
& Bella (Kristen Stewart)
Alright, it was a little mean when we teased you with the sheer existence of the new Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene that premiered at Comic-Con a few days ago -- without so much as a visual morsel. Well, here's our way of making it up to you. It may be a little blurry and a little funky, but this little sneak peek teaser ought to tide you over until the Twilight folks finally release the new trailer in all its glory.

Watch as Bella and Edward (as played by real-life lovebirds Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) enter their honeymoon suite! Listen as Edward calls Bella "Mrs. Cullen" for the first time. See the big, giant marital bed that we know they're going to totally rock! {{{Fainting}}} Ogle Edward and Bella as they strip down for a little naked honeymooner's swim. And more!

You ready to watch the sneak preview?

(WARNING: If the kids or husband are home, you might want to get yourself a nice, soft pillow to scream into...)


So here it is -- a shaky reveal of the the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scenes (thanks, Perez)! Alright and I'll stop yammering on so you can take a peek.


So what did you think?

Just a few short months left until we can see the whole movie for real. I don't know about you, but I'm rather enjoying savoring each little morsel they give us until the premiere in November.

Are you totally excited for Breaking Dawn or what?


Image via Breaking Dawn website

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