'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Ditching Daughter Would Be Good News


Amber Portwood LeahAmber Portwood may be the saddest figure to come into the public's eye with the popularity of MTV teen pregnancy series Teen Mom. She's a high school dropout raised under the threat of domestic violence who is repeating the cycle with boyfriend Gary Shirley. She's depressed and reportedly suicidal. But I can't help thinking the saddest part of all is seeing this messed up girl dealing with the weight of the world all alone.

So the news that her brother, Shawn Portwood, is working to get her to move to Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the best bits of "Amber" news I think we've ever heard. Even though it would take the teen mom away from daughter Leah.

I'll admit it's a sad thing to say. But the fact that Amber currently does not have custody of her child -- and therefore couldn't move Leah to Nashville with her -- is sad in and of itself. Gary has custody because of the mistakes Amber has made and keeps on making.

Each time the two of them move apart and she starts to get her life in order, she falls back into old habits. She and Gary get back together. She and Gary fight, often in front of innocent Leah.

And while Gary has his mom around to bounce things off of, who does Amber have? Her dad who waited until his daughter was famous to suddenly head for the tabloids and allege that Gary had "raped" his daughter ... even though there's no evidence he did a thing to help the girl at the time of her pregnancy? An uncle who pushed Gary to ask for her hand in marriage even as their relationship imploded? Her mom who supports Amber's typical abuser mentality, blaming Gary for causing her daughter to be violent?

In his appearance on the show this month, Shawn proved he's not going to pussyfoot around his sister's problems. He's not going to tell her what she wants to hear about her relationship. And yet, he clearly loves his sister. He's there for her. Amber needs that now. Someone who will give her tough love, but love all the same. It will give her the chance to break the cycle and potentially be a good mom to Leah.

And who knows, a move to Nashville would give her a chance to hang out with fellow Teen Mom Maci Bookout. Maybe she could pick up a few pointers in keeping her cool and putting her child first from the most "together" of the four teens on the series.

Do you think Amber moving away from Leah and Gary for awhile would be good for her?


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Snscm... Snscmwkstpnw

i dont think she should move from her daughter but her and gary need time apart

KateL... KateLynn29

She obviously needs time away to focus on herself and get healthy.  Her anger issues are not going to go away overnight, and seeing last weeks episode, it's obvious that she has MAJOR issues.  Leah does not benefit from having Amber in her life at the moment, and how could she? Amber moans about how life is so hard, and how she doesn't have all the answers, yet continues to act abusive.  It's time that she takes a few months to seriously get her act together and quit whining.

xavie... xavierlogan09

Yes. If my mom had moved away and got help for anger issues my life would have been better. She needs to do what is best for leah. To me right now that is leaving and getting the help she needs. Although i dont think she will change.

Littl... Little_Mamma230

Yes. She needs to get away and get her life together. She needs to do what is best for her little girl and leave and get help, but I doubt she will change any.

3rdCo... 3rdCoastTXtoast

Why is Leah hardly ever fully dressed? She's always half-naked on TV. I know she's a baby, and it's morally OK for her to be seen unclothed, isn't she cold? She's always barefoot. Poor baby.

Victoria Goins

I'm really not qualified to have an opinion.

Dannielle Richins

I want to hate Amber, but I feel sorry for her. Not sorry enough to make excuses on her behalf, but something is not right in her head and it's horrible to watch.

There is zero excuse for domestic abuse.

.Mhac... .MhacFoirfe.

Honestly - I think Amber needs professional mental help

As in - psych ward and extensive therapy within

She is poisonous to poor Leah and whipped Gary and needs to get herself better mentally before ever seeing them again

Too bad she really doesn't WANT to - she needs to want to get lots of help and change but I doubt she ever will

And since when does one have to be "qualified" to give an opinion

If everyone was like that - there'd be no conversation about so many things


Amanda Kay

It will be good for the kid. Saying it's sad she doesn't have custody is bs. She's horrible and it's a GOOD thing she doesn't have custody. She could have gotten help if she wanted it. Saying she's all alone is utter crap too.

Courtney Paige Neale

I do. If only for a lil while to get herself healthy and together for her child. If she got help and was actually forced to be far from Gary, maybe, just maybe shed see the error in her ways and she and Gary could have a chance at being together and being loving parents who communicate with their words not their fists(or just sitting there taking it). I do think its a good idea. I have friends that have battled drug issues and what got them truly clean was getting away from the city they were from and the bad influences that lived in them. I think the same could be true for Amber.

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