'Real Housewives of New York' Reunion Part 1 Recap: The 7 Best Moments


Alex McCordPhew! Round one of The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion was brutal. As Andy Cohen said, the "ladies" behaved like beasts. There was name calling, cursing, yelling, and general chaos as the blondes and the brunettes faced off on opposite couches.

Andy pretty much lost his sh*t wanting them to just "shut the f*&k up!" They were all really awful to one another, and they all came off as even more mean, self-involved, and psychotic than they did during the rest of the season -- a seemingly impossible feat. But you knew when the show started with Ramona Singer announcing to everyone that she had her period -- right then -- it was just going downhill from there. And downhill it went.

So much happened, and only so much could be heard above the shouting, but from what I was able to glean, here are some of the best (which in many cases means worst) moments from part one ... in no particular order.

1. Alex McCord got beat up by everyone. If she chooses to do the show again, she's a glutton for punishment. No one likes her. She has blonde hair so she sits on the couch with "Romonja" (Ramona + Sonja Morgan), but they have no real use for her.

From Jill Zarin calling her an effing bi*ch to Kelly Bensimon berating her again for her tendency to turn red when she's uncomfortable (she can't help it!), Alex could not get a break. Even Cindy called her a lapdog. Of course, her trying to butt into every single conversation and situation with an opinion didn't help, and it was hard to feel much sympathy for her.

2. Sonja's hair looked really good. Andy even noticed. She, of all the women, actually had the best behavior tonight as well. She did some explaining about her relationships and financial situation, and seems strong and willing to cope with what comes her way. The whole "Vajona" clip was a little uncomfortable, but she's a fun gal and didn't do too much attacking.

3. Sonja's vagina/vajona, however, has scarred Kelly for life after it was flashed during her cookbook shoot. Best line from Andy: "Sonja, was your vagina rude to Kelly?"

4. Cindy Barshop has been forever scarred by the mean housewives. She looked ready to mow them all down, she was so infuriated by the bunch of them. She raged at Ramona, told her she was "like a heroin addict" with her whole pinot grigo thing, and wouldn't back down from her decision to conduct a conference call during breakfast at Sonja's house. She seemed a bit unstable to be honest (or maybe she just needs to get laid as Alex suggested?), but I'm still with her on the preposterous pecking order thing.

5. Kelly Bensimon has no grip on reality. Sure they played some clips of her being the voice of reason, but if you listen to her talk for more than a few minutes, she's as scary as she was on Scary Island. But hey, she's a really nice person.

6. LuAnn de Lesseps was a swinger? Ramona was out of line when she went after LuAnn's daughter, but the countess didn't deny it when Ramona repeatedly stated that LuAnn and her ex-husband had an open marriage. Whatever floats her royal boat, but I'm just wondering about the etiquette involved. For the rest of the show, she just looked down her nose and inserted her annoying "wisdom" whenever possible.

7. It's all still about Bethenny. Jill admitted she's scared of her and said she thinks Bethenny is probably scared of her too (NOT!!); Kelly said she's not jealous of her, but admitted she was brilliant for putting the word "skinny" in front of margarita; and she's still the source of bad feelings between Jill and Ramona. Bethenny is not coming back; it's time to move on, ladies.

The previews for part two of the reunion next week look even more intense ... which is hard to imagine.

What were your favorite moments from part one of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion?

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Nraw2011 Nraw2011

Alex - Gets mowed over because she gets too flustered

Sonja - Is still the best of the lot.  I think her personal issues affected her this season.  

Romona - Was wrong for bringing any of the kids into the discussion.  IMO I still prefer that she says what she says to your face which is a hell of a lot better than saying it behind your back.  

Jill - is still as underhanded as ever and took every opportunity to stir the pot.  She still doesn't take responsibility for how things turned out with Bethenny.  And I feel it was Luann that was jealous of her relationship with B.  She was the one who did everything in her power to keep them from making up.  Ramona actually tried REPEATEDLY.  And I don't buy for a freaking minute that she was scared of Bethenny, what a load of BS.  

Kelly - INSANE! 

Cindy -  ...................

Luann - It's really funny that when she is being nasty and making low blows it's perfectly alright but, the minute anyone says anything to or about her, they are being horrible.  My least favorite cast member by a mile. 

Neil Patrick Harris is right.  Andy should get rid of all of them and start over. 

1blue... 1bluemonkey

I had to turn the show off.  We watched re-runs of Phineas and Ferb, instead.  I just couldn't stand the nastiness, anymore.  

nonmember avatar LOL

5. Kelly Bensimon has no grip on reality. Sure they played some clips of her being the voice of reason, but if you listen to her talk for more than a few minutes, she's as scary as she was on Scary Island. But hey, she's a really nice person.

Couldn't have said it better myself. She's like a 12 year old child... the way she covered her ears when they were talking about periods was embarrassing.

@Nraw2011, i completely noticed how Jill was underhanded. I hate that woman... honestly she's so vile. I thought it was interesting how she was like, "Alex wasn't in that" when they showed the ramona and sonja montage.

nonmember avatar Chris

Nraw2011-you nailed it in my opinion! Every one of them....
Time for Bravo to do some re-casting.
Bethenny afraid of Jill--bet that made Bethenny laugh out loud! Smartest move Bethenny ever made was to leave, get married and become a success! These women are just more of the same....Actually ended up turning it off--way too much screaming. Love the language Jill uses, she's such a lady!!!!!

Justa... Justamom283

I didn't have a favorite moment but I did find myself yelling at the TV when everyone put Kelly' s feet to the fire about the comments she made about Sonja. EVERYONE was telling her it was a low blow and she kept saying I didn't say it and that she's  the nice one. She's way too loopy to stay calm around cuz you just want to scream to keep from hitting something. 

Angie Galaviz Harris

Omg this was insane! The Countess is a slut, Jill a mean girl bitch, Kelly a lunatic, Cindy in over her head, Sonja trying to survive, Alex poor thing and Ramona...love her!

Rose Lofaso Marino

Alex is nothing but a big poser trying to be cool. Her husband is beyond creepy. THey are all a bunch of cackling chickens and they all need to get a grip on what is important in life. Ramona is hooked on wine, the Countass is a snob, Jill is an ole Jewish queen, Kelly is on some kind of happy drug, Cindy is a neurotic and Sonja is in denial that she's not a rich bitch anymore. The show used to be amusing, but now it's just pathetic.

Rugsmom Rugsmom

I am on team Brunette all the way.  The blonds are all nuts!  Ramona is about the rudest person on the planet.  I don't care for her pop-eyed "honesty".  The Countess is classy, she is poised and really does not get into much.  Jill Zarin has be villified long enough.  I think she is great.  Bobby and she seem to be a great couple.  Is she gossipy, yeah, and welcome to NYC society.  Give her a break.  Alex McCord and Simon are attention seeking idiots.  They have no class (and yes, I am using the "c"word).  She butts in to everyone's business.  Ramona and Bethany can do their own dirty work, Alex should get camera time by doing something interesting. 

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