‘Glee’ Creators Make Best Season 4 Casting Decision Ever

Lea Michele Cory MonteithGleeks could use some good news after the graduation shocker of earlier this summer. And here it is! Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, and Cory Monteith are NOT leaving Glee.

Wait, what? All this sturm and drang for nothing? Well, actually, YES.


Brad Falchuk, creator (with Ryan Murphy) and executive producer of the Fox hit, showed up at Comic-Con over the weekend to blow people's minds with the news that the show's mainstays are indeed graduating, but that doesn't mean they're leaving us behind. It's more or less the opposite of what Murphy said, and Falchuk says it had nothing to do with fan outcry. It was the plan all along. 

But frankly, who cares how or why? Rachel, Finn, and Kurt are here to stay! The real question we Gleeks should be asking is what the heck will they be doing? Provided their "graduation" is for real, they can't pull an April Rhodes and join the New Directions as "older students." And Falchuk put the kibosh on the rumors of a spin-off show with the grads as New Yorkers making their way on Broadway. So how about these options:

1. Finn (Cory) sticks around, taking a job with step-dad Burt Hummel, and supplements his income with a gig as an assistant coach for the McKinley High Glee Club. Why it would work: He's been portrayed as a sort of dopey guy who doesn't have much hope for getting out of Lima.

2. Kurt (Chris) comes home from college every weekend for dates with Blaine (Darren Criss) who has been confirmed as a new "regular" on the show. Why it would work: Because EVERYONE loves Kurt and Blaine. Period.

3. Rachel (Lea) will send home regular YouTube videos for Mr. Schue to play when he intros a new project to the glee club, basically a "this is how you do it." Why it would work: Do you REALLY see Rachel Berry giving up a chance to show how much better she is at everything?

Are you happy to hear the core three are sticking around? What do you expect them to do?


Image via Fox

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