5 Stars Who Can't Hide Their Cellulite

alicia keys

Want to feel a little better about yourself on this Monday morning? Me too. After a weekend at the beach, I think we all deserve a little self-esteem boost, or at least a little comfort ... so listen up -- when it comes to cellulite, we're not alone.

Those little fat indents from hell that seem to implode like decaying pumpkins all up and down our thighs and butts are nearly impossible to get rid of, so we might as well a) get used to it and b) commiserate with others about the blasted cellulite legacy that is our lifelong plight. Even some young stars have some!


Songstress Alicia Keys knows what we're talking about. The 30-year-old just gave birth to baby boy Egypt back in October. She was spotted recently with her step-son walking around SoHo. Maybe she was taking a stroll to burn off some baby weight.

cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz, who seems to be the epitome of health, has a little bit on her inner thigh. She's human, after all!

deena jersey shore

Deena from the Jersey Shore went grocery shopping with Sammi recently -- think they were stocking up on fruits and veggies? Hmm. At 23, Deena's body is already reflecting some wear and tear. Ah well -- we don't want her to change. Someone's gotta be a blast in a glass!

selena gomez 

Selena Gomez, 19, isn't safe from cellulite's evil plot to take over the female body. "Who Says" cellulite is only for the old ladies?

christina aguilera

When Christina Aguilera came onto the scene in the late '90s, she was criticized for her uber-thin frame. Now, at 30, the mother of one has put on a few, and has felt the wrath of the dreaded cellulite.

Do you have any tricks for getting rid of cellulite?

All photos via Splash News, except Selena Gomez is via Christoper Polk/Getty

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