Lady Gaga's Sex Freak Dad Made Her Successful


Lady GagaIt's all starting to make sense now. The condom suit. The penis heels. The ride on the disco stick. Lady Gaga is arguably the most sexually charged performer on the Top 40, but she wasn't born this way. She got a little help from dear old Dad.

Hold up. This is not a weepy celeb got molested as a child story. There's no hanky panky in the Germanotta household, so you can stop dialing CPS right about ... now and get back to the good Gaga news.

In the same Howard Stern interview where Gaga endeared herself to American parents with a warning to kids not to have sex and do drugs, she revealed that the sexy part of her performances have a root in childhood -- from the stripper her dad hired to teach her to play the piano to his own stories of having wild sex under the boardwalk in New Jersey before Bruce Springsteen shows.

So how is that not creepy? Apparently it wasn't always blatant. For example, he didn't tell her about the piano teacher's other calling until little Stefani was older (leaving her to ask about the teacher's long nails; a little odd for someone who uses her fingers to tickle the ivories).

But each time a little blip comes out about Gaga's past, her wildly eclectic persona seems less wild. Raised in that sort of environment, is it any surprise she sings about leather and S&M, group sex, and bondage? That she's brave enough to be herself, to be honest, to be accepting of a variety of lifestyles? Her shtick is that she likes to shock us, but it's not so shocking when you consider it's how she was raised.

Come on, Little Monsters, let's hear it for Gaga's dad. Without his encouragement, we wouldn't have the free to be you and me performer that we know and love!

Do you think Gaga would be the same Gaga if her dad was more of a prude?


Image via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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L25 L25

It's hard to say, but I would imagine it's easier to be free spirited with free spirited parents, although I do know some people who break the molds or rebel and go the opposite ways of their parents. I think her's probably had a big influence on her.

nonmember avatar blue

He probably could have spent more time with her, since she is clearly desperate for attention. I don't call her an "artist." I can her a spectacle, who probably just needs people to like her. That's just my opinion, and it could be totally wrong. Who knows!

rerra... rerratron

I remember her saying during an interview that her parents didn't care what she did as long as she worked hard at it. I think that kind of support is fantastic. Good for her and her family.

Brian Cassidy

Who ever wrote this is an idiot... What kind of sheltered home did you grow up in? Every family has weird shit like that. Some parents with healthy open and loving relationships with their kids, tell them stories they had kept private (including sex stories) when the kids are older. And who cares if the piano teacher was a stripper. It's not like she was teaching Gaga to strip. She taught her piano... and pretty damn well based on Gaga's skill level.

Allison Priest Leonard

Huh? So the piano teacher her dad hired was moonlighting a stripper? As long as she didn't come in wearing her stripper gear, I don't see how that would have played a factor in turning Gaga into what she is today. And her dad had some wild nights under the boardwalk? Ok? I think a lot of people have done that (as I recall, there's a song about it). Doesn't mean I approve of it, but I fail to see what role this played in her development.

nonmember avatar Emm

Meh, they just seem like true NY-ers to me!

nonmember avatar kalmmom

From what I understand she use to dress normal and sing normal then she decided to amp it up to get noticed and become famous = she was known more for her outlandish and quite stupid outfits and looks before she was known for any decent music in mainstream. I know she has her "little monsters" (which GAWD that makes me wanna gag) but personally I think she just does it in an attempt to stay in the media cause her music is only so-so. But that's just my 2-cents worth.

3rdCo... 3rdCoastTXtoast

I believe her parents probably have little to do with the "Lady Gaga" character she's created. it has taken years for her to perfect "Gaga". I like to call her "Madonna Manson" (Madonna mixed with Marilyn Manson). That's what I think about Lady Gaga. MADONNA MANSON. *yawn*

MarieSue Max

i think its pathetic how poeple love to dog on gaga. she has talent and therefore doesnt really need or thrive off your attention just  becuase of an outfit. get over yourselves. she can attract attention the right way .

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