'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Portwood Is a Bad Stereotype


The one thing that is always consistent on Teen Mom is some kind of drama and Tuesday's episode had plenty. As usual, of course, the other moms' drama paled in comparison to Amber and Gary's.

Catelynn and Tyler were dealing with parenting their parents (as per usual) when Tyler's dad Butch was released from prison and wanted to see Catelynn's mom (April). These two are such good kids despite coming from such hot messes for parents. No matter how bad some of the "baby daddies" on this show are, nobody is as pathetic as Butch.

He seems to want to love his children so badly and yet always messes up. Actually, he is a pretty good glimpse of what might happen to Amber if she doesn't shape up. As usual, it was Amber's antics that stole the show.

It's not that anything new happened with these two. And we all know the drama as it unfolds thanks to the tabloids and celebrity websites. But even knowing all this for months, it's still just amazing to see it all on film.

I am past the point of thinking MTV is editing it and now am convinced that Amber is every bit as awful as it seems. During the show, we get glimpses of the person she could be -- she clearly loves her daughter, it seems. But all of that is overshadowed by her constant whining (seriously, does this woman have another tone of voice?) and the fighting with Gary and the cursing.

At this point, it makes sense why Leah was taken away, but it also makes sense for her to get off the show. She is like a bad stereotype -- pregnant at 16, a high school drop-out, a person who can't take responsibility for herself or her actions. There is almost nothing she does that is "redeeming" that one doesn't have to dig to find. Simply put, she is a wreck and is giving all teen moms a bad name.

At this point, we get it. Armed with the tabloid knowledge, it's hard to see her struggle with CPS threatening to take Leah and police interviews to talk about her hitting Gary without focusing on the fact that things are only going to get worse for her.

Amber's time on the show has really passed. Like Butch, she isn't making choices that are consistent with a healthy, happy life. She really needs to get herself together in order to be a good mom to her baby and MTV isn't helping her do that. Who would ever hire her now? How can she ever have a life after the cameras leave?

People all know that Amber Portwood was the girl on Teen Mom who made a complete and utter fool of herself. She shows no signs of getting better. Maybe one day sweet baby Leah will be as responsible and helpful as Catelynn and Tyler, but I am not holding my breath.

Amber needs help before she ruins everyone else's life, too.

Do you think Amber should still be on the show?

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cocob... cocobeannns

I think she should get off the show. I hate watching her story and I often turn the channel when she comes on. Every episode with her seems to be the same; argue with Gary, have a screaming match, turn on the tears, walk out leaving her daughter without a second look, only to turn around and come right back. It's getting old. I feel sorry for Gary in ways, but he continues to let her verbally, emotionally and physically abuse him. They're better off apart, and so is Leah.

jezsikaq jezsikaq

totally agree, and of course she was like any typical abuser, she put all the blame on Gary for why she hit him, it was none of her fault, he provocated it, so he deserved it in her eyes.. she is a sad woman.

Janette Chaviano Alonso

I'm with cocobeannns I can't even stand watching her storyline anymore. The girl needs mental help she is clearly delusional. Oh and the fake crying is driving me crazy!!!! My question is the friend that she went running to that sided with her because of the lack of facts where is she now? Is she still siding with her or trying to get her help?

I also believe that this girl would be is a worst off position if she wasn't on the show. I think she would still be going through everything she is even without the cameras and that maybe the cameras are helping her hold back (a little) and people are more interested in helping to try and get their 15 minutes.

nonmember avatar dani

She's trying to better herself - she's in rehab for anger management. And I really pray for her, or Leah have ginormous chances to become a new version of Jenelle.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I started switching the channel during Amber's segments. The show would be so much better without her. Farrah, Maci and Cate are all very good examples of 3 girls making something good out of their harsh situations. Amber, clearly cannot. She needs REAL help, not hollow attention.

nonmember avatar Flor

I think she needs to get off the show. She is in a bad state and MTV just pushes more money at her to continue what she is doing. She gets so much attention and all that feeds into her self destructive behavior. The camera needs to turn off and the paychecks need to stop. Maybe then she can take responsibility for her life and her daughter's.

hutch... hutchfam2007

Yeah, Amber is pretty much psycho it does seem to be the same things over and over. But I still cant help but to feel bad for her situation. Yes, she put herself into the situation, but when she talks about CPS threatening to take leah, she seems really scared and how much she really does love her daughter. I just hope it is scary enought to scare her ass straight! She really needs to figure something out to get a handle on her anger and aggression. That is really out of control. Granted, Gary says some really stupid crap that would make me fly off the handle too. I do not think their relationship is healthy at all for them or for leah. I dont understand why they keep going back to eachother.... I just hope that this is enough to make her get help, her rock bottom maybe.....

nonmember avatar michelly

In ways I agree and disagree... I mean the show was made to show the pitfalls of teen pregnancy not the awwwes and amazing highlights... she's getting help...I think she should still be allowed but I think the cameras need 2 make the executive decision to not show all her bs... I'm a mom at 33 and its still hard... the only thing that makes it ez is being of age and even that doesn't make it any easier..we should remeber the message the shows trying to make or at least its original intention.

hutch... hutchfam2007

BUT I do not think she should be off the show. The show was created to show what can happen if you are a teen mom, and its not all rainbows and kittens. The point is to show the struggles to make other teens not follow down the same path.

nonmember avatar Jerseygirl

Amber really does need help, & fast! She may claim she loves Leah, but she sure does not act like she does sometimes! She walks away from Leah when she cries, & ignores her because she is more focused on attacking poor Gary, then taking care of Leah. She had a major screaming fit at poor Gary when all he did was ask her NOT to cuss in front of Leah. Instead of realizing he's right,& stop cussing, she flips out on him & cusses more them ever! She is one sick girl, I hope she gets help soon, before she loses Leah forever.

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