'Hunger Games' Poster Makes 'Twilight' Look Lame


Hot on the heels of the buzzy Dark Knight Rises poster comes our first glimpse at what Lionsgate has dreamed up for promoting The Hunger Games—and it's a doozy. Like Dark Knight, The Hunger Games poster feels a little early, but the marketing campaign has definitely been kicked into high gear for quite a while now. (I don't know about you, but I can't remember a movie-in-the-making that pumped out so much publicity over its casting choices. I half expected to start seeing press releases about their best boy grip and catering company.)

The Hunger Games poster features Katniss Everdeen's golden mockingjay pin, and the whole thing is engulfed in flames (thus evoking her "Girl on Fire" moniker). It's a clever teaser in and of itself—the focus on the mockingjay really speaks to the entire movie franchise to come, since the symbol becomes more of a central theme in the second two books—but the digital "motion poster" available via Yahoo! Movies is even cooler.

Take a look:

Nice, right? I've seen the music described as "irritating," but I like it. Then again, I love Danny Elfman, and he's on board as co-composer.

I have some high hopes for this movie, as I'm sure do most fans of the amazing books by Suzanne Collins. Now that the Harry Potter and Twilight series have come to an end, it seems like there's a huge opportunity for The Hunger Games to become the newest YA novel to pull in some major bucks at the box office. I'm just crossing my fingers the movie franchise remains true to the smart, strong vibe of the books, and uses that much-lauded production and acting team to create something worth seeing. (Unlike those sparkly vampire movies. I'm sorry, Twi-hards, but yeesh.)

I think Twilight had an easier challenge—they mainly had to find someone who would make the Team Edward fan base nice and sweaty, and the rest was gravy. In the case of The Hunger Games, we need the entire story to come to life in its film incarnation.

Have you see this quote attributed to Stephen King?

Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. 

I love that, and I can see something similar applying to The Hunger Games. The poster—even with its flickering flames and music—doesn't tell us much, but I like the tease, and I have a good feeling about how it's going to turn out. Can't wait for March 23, how about you?

Image via The Hunger Games Movie



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Momma... MommaGreenhalge

It doesn't take much to make Twilight look lame.

nonmember avatar jodie

I just finished the series this weekend, and I can not wait for the movie. The casting of Katniss is so spot-on, Jennifer Lawrence will be great!

Allison Martin

I think the key to this movie's success is the fact that it is going to be a big studio flick... If Twilight had had big money and studio backing for the first one... well, it would've done a lot better I think. I think the press and buzz on this so early on is a smart move, and I for one can't wait to see it!

nonmember avatar James

Hey Linda, the vampires sparkle because they are part of an in-depth allegory on how to get to heaven; they are angels. Which is why Edward is described in angelic/god-like terms, oh, a few thousand times. People who get that (about 100 million readers) make you look lame. Yeesh.

Elizabeth Gronewald

Twilight has done very well concerning ticket sales...It has even been called "movie of the year" every time a part of the series has been released. It does not matter how much money you have behind an idea if that idea is mainly romance. Action scenes and violence will always gain more popularity amongst the masses versus something that has a plot that hinges on romance. Take True Blood, for example. You have the holy trinity of themes that make up what many people crave: sex, blood, and violence. It also seems to have a semi-intricate plot, whereas the Twilight movies have condensed the almost-enjoyable plotlines of the series into one ongoing teen romance. When all you have going for you is the audience's love of one pairing, of course something else will make it look lame.

nonmember avatar Ramona

Sorry, does Twilight even need a comparison with another film ad to look lame? Please.

nonmember avatar Kimmy

Ehh, so what you are saying James is that the vampires in twilight are not only vampires, but also angels? That does not make sense at all, and yes I have read all four books and that is not something I recall remembering.

"They appear to have skin like ours, albeit very fair skin. The skin serves the same general purpose of protecting the body. However, the cells that make up their skin are not pliant like our cells, they are hard and reflective like crystal." The hard and reflective cells of the skin of the vampires is what gives them strong, unbreakable skin and the "sparkling" effect from the sunlight. It also works well as a plot device that adds to the mystique of the vampires. In most vampire stories, sunlight kills vampires; in some, it does not. For example, the original Count Dracula (in Bram Stoker's novel) was not harmed by sunlight and could go about the town during the day. In the Twilight world that Meyer created, sunlight won't kill a vampire, but what it does to their skin would attract a lot of attention and potentially expose them to the general public.
According to this site = http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1099212/faq#.2.1.57 Stephanie Meyer said so on her website, where is the angel and heaven stuff in that?
btw: cant wait for the hunger games movie :)

Octob... Octobersmom

I think Stephen King needs to stfu because honestly while he has quite a few great story ideas he's not a very good writer.

i will admit that his quote was funny but I still think he's lame for insulting other writers, particularly one who's so successful.  He comes off as jealous and threatened.

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