True Blood: Get a Bite Soon!

True Blood, HBO

Photo by: True Blood/HBO

True Blood is almost over! HBO's southern vampire tale has one more episode that airs this Sunday! My friend and fellow True Blood junkie barefootbchbum has the scoop on the latest episode, so you can be ready for your final bite of of Sookie, Bill and the gang. Spoiler alert!


Bill satisfies the requirements of his punishment, turning Jessica into a vampire. Tara's call for help is answered by a good Samaritan...or is she?  Lafayette surprises a well known politician on the campaign trail. Sam and Sookie follow up on the images she saw the night of Rene & Arlene's engagement party. The Bon Temp killer strikes again, with Jason part of the crime scene. Bill sees Sookie and Sam kissing and goes vampire postal!

There is a lot of stuff building up to the final episode, so don't miss it! I just found the True Blood group!  If you are addicted, check out Fans of HBO's True Blood!

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