10 Reasons ‘Friday Night Lights’ Is the Best Show Ever Made

taylor kitschFor the passs-s-s-s-s. Sorry. Let me control myself (sniifffffff). For the past f-f-f-f-five years, I've watched Friday Night Lights with a religious f-f-f-faith and dedication that rivals that of a b-b-b-Buddhist monk. I've (sniff) worshipped at the Church of the Alamo Freeze, followed the gospel of Tami Taylor and Coach Eric Taylor, preached the good word about Dylan Texas, and bowed at the altar of Buddy Garrity. And now (looks up, clutches heart) it's all coming to an end. (Uncontrollable sobs.)

The series finale is this Friday, July 15. I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel a little better now that the Emmy nominations are out and that both Kyle Chandler (Coach T) and Connie Britton (Tami T) got nods for best actor and actress, and I feel so proud that the show was finally nominated for best drama ... but all these shiny awards can't bring me back my happiness. The show is leaving me for good.

Here are 10 things I'll miss about the best show that was ever made.


In random order, because I could never ever choose one great Friday Night Lights thing over another:

  1. The set. Sound-stages be effing damned. Part of what made FNL so great was that they shot in Austin, Texas. They made Texas a character that way. From the Alamo Freeze to the Landing Strip ... these real-life places breathed authenticity into the show.
  2. The grittiness. No blocks or markers for actors, roaming cameras, interesting shots ... I can't watch sit-coms now that I've seen FNL -- they're too robotic.
  3. The football. I honestly felt like I was either playing, coaching, or watching the game from the stands depending on the camera angle.
  4. The Coach. I don't even know where to begin. If Kyle Chandler doesn't win an Emmy, I am marching from NYC to LA just to punch the voting committee in the face. His hood-eyes, his understated strength, his molding of men ... he's perfect.
  5. Tami and Coach's relationship. Pretty sure I've tried to model my own love life based on theirs. They communicate, they share with and support one another (except for last week! OMG!) and just seem like best friends in love. I'll also miss Tami's sweet rack and beautiful hair. Total girl crush.
  6. The music. I once made a man learn how to play the FNL theme song on the guitar and serenade me as I fell asleep dreaming of interning at Riggins' Rigs.
  7. The Riggins family. I don't think Derek Phillips (Billy Riggins) gets enough credit -- he's a phenomenal actor. And Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins)? Good night, sweet prince. I just passed out. "Toss football with Tim Riggins" is on my bucket list.
  8. Buddy Garrity. The accent! The enthusiasm! The total lack of self-awareness! I wish I had a real-life Uncle Buddy.
  9. The team. Their unity is inspiring. So are their barbecues. I want to pat each one of them on the shoulder pads and thank them for an excellent, excellent season.
  10. The drinking. Between Tami's ever-present glass of white wine and Timmy's six-pack of Lone Star, my FNL family made me feel right at home. 

Oh, and guys? Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

What will you miss about Friday Night Lights?

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