Mila Kunis, Don’t Break Our Marine’s Heart

mila kunisMy, my, what a difference a few days make. Wasn't it just 48 hours ago that Mila Kunis was our -- and Sergeant Scott Moore's -- hero for agreeing to attend the Marine Corps. Ball with the soldier? Weren't we all marveling at the benevolent star for taking time out of her busy schedule to essentially make this dude's life? What happened?

Hollywood's what. Apparently the Friends With Benefits star had already agreed to two movies in November (which is when the ball is), so she has to regretfully decline the invitation. Instead she's agreed to meet Sgt. Moore when he's home from deployment.

Eh ... that's not quite the same. Which is why I've taken time out of my busy schedule to pen this letter to the lovely actress.


Dear Ms. Kunis,

Hello. How are you? You were terrific in Black Swan and hilarious in That '70s Show. Also, hot dog, is your hair shiny! However, I have a small bone to pick with you.

See, you may not know this since you're such a busy woman, but you pretty much made Sergeant Moore's life. I'm sure the prospect of having you, stunning woman that you are, on his arm at the Marine Ball in November has been at the forefront of his brain the last two days and, in some ways, what's kept him going. Saying you're not able to attend -- after you already said you would -- is not only going to break Moore's heart, it's actually a little cold.

In addition to putting his life on the line and serving our country, Sgt. Moore seems like a really nice guy. You saw the video, right? Of course you did, you accepted! He was so sweet and polite and timid when he was asking you. And that was only on camera. Imagine how smitten he'll be with you in person?

I have faith in you, Mila. I'm holding out hope that you're going to do the right thing. You're Mila Kunis after all! A hot commodity and powerful Hollywood actress. I have a feeling that you're going to use some of your clout for a quick plane ride over to North Carolina and a boutonniere for Sgt. Moore. Because you wouldn't just be doing it for him. You'd be doing it for our country.


Nicole Fabian-Weber

Do you think Mila Kunis should go to the ball with Sgt. Moore?


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