From Wild to Child: Book for Moms Who Color Outside the Lines

Rockabye: From Wild to Child by Rebecca Woolf is a story of the author's journey from LA hipster to doting mom.  Rebecca shows us her road to motherhood with honesty, style and humor. If your path to mommy land was non-traditional like Rebecca's, you need this book! Even moms who channel June Cleaver will appreciate the book's positive message about being a mom.


Here's a little preview from Rockabye: From Wild to Child:

Maybe breaking bows and splashing puddles in the rain is just as important as building a strong foundation and wearing a sweater when it's cold outside.

Rebecca is my kind of mom. I give her bonus points because she posted pictures of her very pregnant feet on her blog.

If you're a mom who likes to color outside the lines, check out Rebecca's book or just go to and buy it!  You can read more from this wild child mom via her blogs:

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