'Bachelor' Emily Maynard Is Playing Us All


Did anyone actually believe Emily Maynard's crocodile tears during her sit-down interview with Chris Harrison during The Bachelorette Monday night? She may or may not be who she pretends to be, but nobody ever thought they would stay together and their break-up is no surprise to anyone, except maybe Harrison. Yeah, right.

First, I would like to just laugh at Harrison and his "some of the couples who have gotten engaged on the show have not stayed together ..." Really Chris? I think that is true of the grand majority, my friend. A better quote at the beginning of your PR blitz for Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette all-important sit-down with broken-hearted Emily might have been: "Very few of our couples stay together, but hey! We get good ratings!"

Emily said she will always love Brad and I am sure that's true. At least until her show starts filming in March.

For once, I want one of these people to break that iron-clad contract with ABC and just be real. The show's premise is ridiculous when you think about it. People are thrown into the most cliched, "romantic" situations. They are totally out of their element and removed from anything that might help them be themselves, and then are pushed pretending it's all perfect while also not being allowed to be together for months at a time.

If the show were really in the love business, they would amend their contract because "love" is about honesty and trust and being oneself. None of those things are present when 30 cameras are in your face all the time.

Sure, some of the relationships have worked for a time, some are even still working. But they are the exceptions. The rule is Emily's situation and I don't buy her sad, sweet Southern girl act for a minute.

Don't believe me? Watch the interview on mute. See how she turns her head and bats her eyes, every movement designed to charm us all and make us believe she really is a damsel in distress.

As a mom myself, I would never go on TV and be away from my children for months just in order to find "love" I know will probably end anyway. She wants fame. And there is nothing wrong with that. I just wish we could be more honest about it.

Expect many, many more crocodile tears on her new season of The Bachelorette. Also, $50 says they bring in Bentley for the occasion. Oy.

Did you think she was faking her tears?

Image via ABC

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meatb... meatball77

She's a huge hypocrite if she does the show in March because all she did was complain about how horrible all the media attention was.

I also can't believe ABC would have hired her for the show already.  They have a whole group of girls coming in the fall for America to fall for.  Emily is too conservative to be the bachelorette.  I want a girl who isn't afraid to make out with everyone.

Justa... Justamom283

I would be a sucker to take that bet. It's a guarantee that ABC will bring Bentley back. It's all about ratings. And watching the closer Emily got to the end of her season the mire I doubted her sincerity about being on the show.

My3co... My3coconuts

I dont care for her and think there is more to the story............confused

shell... shellyplatz

I think she is fake. I kinda liked her during the show with Brad but then I got tired of the "my kid my kid" thing cause why are you there then? She's a pretty girl - really there was no one she could date near where she lived? I always thought she was the wrong girl for Brad. I thought he shoulda picked Chantal - the mortician. I think they woulda been good together.

nonmember avatar Guest

I love the show but now with Emily. Yikes that would be terrible. Would not work at all

Sunny Rowe

I don't think she ever got past the realtonship Brad had with the girl from Seattle. I NEVER saw anything in body or eye, or mouth that indicated she was in love with Brad. She should have been honest in the interview and said that she couldn't forgive him for following the script. No, no on her for Bachlorette. I think Ryan should come back as Bachelor.

toady07 toady07

She cried - really I didn't see any tears - and how many times did she say "you know" during that interview - I stopped counted at 100 -

nonmember avatar linda

If yaa don't like the show don't watch it.....

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