Does 'Teen Mom' Leah Messer's New Man Make Her a Bad Mom?


One of the biggest heartbreaks from MTV's Teen Mom 2 was the Leah Messer and Corey Simms split/divorce, but now it seems, just three months later, Messer has a new man.

The new guy -- aspiring race-car driver Tyler Blankenship -- has his own set of baggage in the way of an ex-wife and a son of his own. It could be a match made in heaven, but the real question is: How on Earth does she have time to date?

As the single mom to a set of twin babies, one of whom has special needs, where is she coming up with the time to meet, court, and get into a relationship? It just seems like there are better uses of her time.

Not to say that single moms shouldn't date. They absolutely should and have every right to be happy and in a good relationship, but just a couple short months after splitting from a marriage that was supposed to be forever (aren't they all?), it seems a bit premature to be looking for another man.

If it's true, then more power to her. Maybe we will meet him on future episodes of the show. That said, I hope this doesn't interfere with raising her two daughters, since certainly she already has a hard task ahead of her with two babies and doing it on her own.

Also, it's just plain sad. I had high hopes for Leah and Corey. They're young, but he seemed devoted and they seemed in love and like they had good communication. I was hoping at least one of these couples would come out strong. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

And if Teen Mom 2 is renewed, I am sure we will see a lot more of this drama.

Do you think she is dating too fast?


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Kat.M. Kat.M.

Old news.. You're too late, Leah is not dating anyone right now... Check the Facebook fanpage she & other people run

nonmember avatar dani

In fact, they broke up.

Kaila... KailaCheyenne

Yeah I just saw on her fanpage she said dating wasn't working out for her right now so she ended it

Kiki1212 Kiki1212

would it be such a bad thing for her to find someone nice that could love her babies and maybe help her?

Water... Water_geM

So I kinda thought that corey dude was hot.

jezsikaq jezsikaq

I think she has every right to try and date, and it in no way makes her a bad mother, I think that with everything she is going through with her daughters special needs she deserves something to make her happy, laugh and not worry so much. this coming from a mother of a special needs child, but I am happily married. I understand how heartbreaking it is to hear your child may never walk, my son has Brittle Bone disease and has fractured almost 90 bones at 16 months old, so if dating makes her happy, then let her be.

nonmember avatar Colleen

Omg...I cant stand this. Why is it because she is the mother she shouldnt be dating or its to soon. I'm sure the father is having his fun. She is a good mother and if she wants to date I say good for her. Leave her alone!!

pam228 pam228

I think she's the only one that can decide if it's too soon to start dateing or not, but i wish her all the luck in the world, so far she's been an amazing mom.

shell... shellyplatz

I wish her and Corey would have worked out :(

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Dating doesnt make you a bad mom..its how you go about it. I think Leah is one of the better Mom's on the show so I think she'll do good by her kids. 

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