5 Celebrity Boob Jobs That Look Almost Real


Bethenny Frankel With itty bitty bikinis and cleavage-baring shirts, celebrities aren't shy about boasting their busts. While a few keep it real, we know most are working with more than their mamas gave them. Sometimes the surgeon's work is in-your-face apparent and ghastly (ahem, Heidi Montag), but there are also some pretty darn good boob jobs in Hollywood. As well there should be, as those doctors have plenty of practice.

Here are five of the best boob jobs in Hollywood. We can’t actually confirm that they all have gone under the knife, but if they haven't, they should consider making this list a coup. Because the ultimate compliment to any woman's breasts is for someone to question if they're real or fake.

Bethenny Frankel If I ever decide to have my own breasts done, it will be a picture of Frankel's that I take with me to the surgeon as my goal. Hers are perfection -- not too big, not too small. Lovely.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian She may be known for her other asset, but she's not lacking up top either. She's all curves, coming and going.

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Love her or not, you have to admit she looks good, especially after having EIGHT children. Never mind that little matter of her plastic surgeon's daughter, Hailey Glassman, and Jon hooking up, the doctor did good work.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge Again, it's not about if we like the celeb, but rather her rack. While she may not be able to act, she can rock a bikini like few others. Much bigger and she'd look ridiculous, but hers are pretty well in proportion with the rest of her fab bod.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Not always known for her classy ways, but Brit Brit keeps it pretty tasteful when it comes to the size of her breasts. What she chooses to stuff them into is another matter.

Which celebrities do you think have the best boob jobs?

Images via Splash News, AshleyCooper/Flickr, Splash News, Splash News, SerieAdict@/Flickr

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Jessie Sharlene

kimbo has fake tits, audrina's are awful, how do they look almost real? you need glasses.

nonmember avatar Cali

Kim's are real and so are Britney's. On last week's episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians Kim used a x-ray of Kourtney's fake boobs to compare to a picture of her butt to prove she didn't have butt implants. If she had a boob job wouldn't she have used her own x-ray. And you can tell Britney's are real because they fluctuate along with her weight. When she was bigger her boobs were and when she lost weight they went down.

nonmember avatar bo babtoi

The Late Anna Nicole Smith's.

nonmember avatar Dee Vine

These are all bad bolt-ons! The good (very subtle, mostly only slight increase)ones are:
Jennifer Aniston
Salma Hayek (already big but got rounder)
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwen Stefani
Ellen Pompeo
Christina Hendricks (was regular B to C cup before)
Giselle Bunchen
Paris Hilton

nonmember avatar stpnlll

KK's DD's are AOK!

nonmember avatar Mom of 4

Kim's are real. She tweeted a picture of herself in a bikini at age 14 to prove it. Audrina's do indeed look horribly nerf ball like as the ladies above have said. And as for Brittney, have you ever seen the pic of her wear she's not wearing a bra?? Her nipples point DOWN. It's like they put the implant too high in her breast and the top is round and firm and then the nipple is just hanging onto the bottom for dear life. Blegh.

Maken... MakenzieG

Interesting cover. I'm pretty sure Bethany had hers removed though, and that looks like an after picture. WHen she had them they were pretty awful...


beyon... beyond.eden22

I will never get breast implants now. What do you mean about them looking "almost real"?? They all look fake... except for Britney's and I'm pretty sure it's because of the push-up bra she's wearing.

John Zielinski

Bethenny needs the greatest boobs in the world to make up for that personality and voice.

aviat... aviatioNation

Of course Kim's boobs are fake. The way she dresses, if they were real they'd be swinging around her ankles by now.

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