Angelina Jolie Needs Help for Her Jennifer Aniston Obsession


angelina joliePoor Jennifer Aniston. No matter how happy she is, no matter how many years go by, she can't seem to escape the omnipresent grasp of ex-husband Brad Pitt and/or Angelina Jolie. Whether it's the tabloids insisting she's simply not over him or Angelina trying to steal Jen's new man, Justin Theroux, she -- wait, you haven't heard? Oh yes, it's true (reportedly). Angelina Jolie is desperately after Jen's smoking hot actor/screenwriter boyfriend.

InTouch is reporting that Angelina is insisting that Theroux work with her on an upcoming project. A "friend" of the star says, "Angelina is actively trying to set up a project on which she and Justin would work together. She has been a fan of his for a few years, but she certainly wasn’t in such a hurry to work with him before Jen started dating him."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Why is Angelina such a jerkface?! Oh, my God, leave Jennifer Aniston alone! She already stole Jen's life from her! Why won't she stop?! Jennifer seems so happy now! If Angelina tries to take her man -- oh, my God, that's so unbelievably disgusting! Ew, ew, ew!

And breathe. See, I have a theory on this. I kind of think Angelina -- with all her oozing sex appeal and adorable gaggle of kids -- is a little obsessed with Jennifer. Why else would she be after Justin Theroux? There are millions of women out there Angelina could steal boyfriends from. Why go to Jen again? 'Cause she wants to skin her and wear her like last year's Versace, that's why.

Maybe the tabloids -- or reality? -- have gotten to her? I mean, at any given moment, there are reports of Jennifer not being over Brad, or Brad not being over Jennifer. It probably eats away at her like an alien virus. And instead of getting mad at the man in the situation, as women often do, Angelina is taking it out on Jen.

Then again, maybe she's just a horribly nasty person for no good reason at all.

What do you think of Angelina (allegedly) trying to steal Jen's man ... again?


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nonmember avatar C Marie

Jennifer Aniston "stole" Justin from his live in girlfriend of 14 years. Which is about nine years more than Jennifer was with Brad. So you can stop the poor Jen the victim routine now. I remember when Brad and Jen got married, they were interviewed and Brad said something like, "I can't wait to have kids. I want to have 10!" And Jen rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, we're gonna have, like, two." It seemed like light repartee at the time, but a couple cannot survive if they do not agree on something as important as how many children they want. Look up every interview with Brad during their marriage, he always mentioned how badly he wanted to start having kids. But Jen kept putting him off. Angelina Jolie, at 24, adopted her first child and said she wanted to have a "tribe of 10 kids". Look, I wouldn't want that many kids, not many people do. But these two people, separately, both said they did. They are lucky to have found each other. Angelina had always said she wanted to adopt all her children but Brad wanted to have a biological child so she compromised for him. (Jen should have tried that instead of make a slew of terrible movies in which she plays the same character that looks exactly the same.) Brad and Angelina always look like they adore each other and they are bound by six kids. I seriously doubt that Angelina gives Jennifer Aniston a second thought.

nonmember avatar Laura DiGiacomo

I don't know if it's true, but, she (and Brad) are just pathetic. Angelina, has lost some of her infamous 'sex appeal' as she dwindles away looking like a common crack addict while Jen...the picture of beauty and class, holds her head up and avoids the 'drama' they cause. I hope I'm wrong but I forsee scandals, tell-all books and tabloids in the future for those kids...fame, money and even charity work doesn't mean there's stability. Remember Joan Crawford.

Jean Hamann

Jennifer didn't want to wreck her YOGA figure, that she constantly talks about. She is sooo boring and now she is too old to have kids.  I am sure Angie is busy enough to not be worrying about Jen. Just having Brad Pitt would be enough for me! hot hot hot.

Mommy... MommysTired127

In touch is just like the enquirer I don't even read their bs anymore! I agree don't even bother to write a story about this crap.

Rosie Martinez

I think Angelina Jolie is beautifully insecure and jealous of Jennifer. She is not happy with her own relations so she has to ruin Jennifers.. Jennifer is so much more Beautiful than Angelina could ever be!!!

Cassondra Monique

I think you need help for your Angelina Jolie obsession. It's a stupid article from a stupid magazine that makes up stories for celebrity starved masses who would rather speculate over a lie about people they know nothing about than think about their own realities. How is she a horribly nasty person? Because her views are different from yours? Because she's been in a loving relationship, raising children that she both had herself as well as adopted from countries where the children were likely to have lived in poverty and die at young ages with no hope of living a decent life (and I'm not talking about being rich, I'm talking about not living in horrible conditions, drinking the same water you bathe in if you even have water to do either). What a horrible, nasty person she is for using her celebrity status to bring media attention to the plight of people in third world countries and working to help them both moniterily and politically. I'm sure she must be so bored with her life that she has to spend her days thinking of ways to....... nevermind, I'm done with the stupidity of this whole article.

Gloria Okpako

angelina socks.brad is still in love with jen.

Linda Anderson

Wow, you are delusional Gloria!  If Brad Pitt was still in love with Jen, which he is NOT, he would BE with Jen!  He told People magazine last year that he is happy and that Angelina is the love of his life!  Aniston is the one who NEVER shuts up about Pitt!  Another thing, Justin T. had a live-in girlfriend of 14 YEARS, and she was devastated by what Aniston did.  Why don't you ranting carpers harp about that?!  Didn't seem to bother Aniston AT ALL that she went after someone who was already taken!  She needs to get off the pity pot about Pitt and look at her own self for all her failed relationships and the bed hopping she has been doing the last six years!    By the way, how much more plastic surgery is Aniston going to have in order to keep her figure?  Aniston says she wants kids, but as another poster said, when Pitt said he wanted 10 (while they were still married) she ROLLED her eyes!  Already showing signs of the selfish person she is!   If she was telling the truth, she would have adopted by now like Sandra Bullock and Cheryl (the singer...can't think of her name) did.  She would have had a baby like Halle Berry did.  Even Angelina adopted Maddox when she was only 24, before she ever KNEW Brad Pitt!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I seriously doubt this is true.

nonmember avatar lindsey

From Psychology 101. Angelina was, in her mind, abandoned by her father when her parents divorced. Going after another woman's "man" gives her the motivation to her damaged self-esteem; remember, before Jennifer she stole whoozit's (sling blade guy) when he was engaged. She has to prove over and over again that she is worthy of being loved. It appears she has fixated on Jennifer Aniston out of an outrageous jealousy. She needs everyone to love her and people didn't after she hurt our all american girl, Jennifer. She wins when the "other woman" looses (destroyed the other woman that took her Daddy away). . . and she is transferring that rage and blaming Aniston for her unhappiness. In short, her father's abandonment makes her feel unloved, and she continuously and repeatedly needs to be reassured. I'm surprised that she hasn't gone after someone else in over 5 years. She and Brad won't last until she works through her insecurities. Never trust a woman who doesn't have any girlfriends - you know she suffers from abandonment issues and lacks the capacity to be a friend to another woman - she considers ALL women competition.

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