Angelina Jolie Needs Help for Her Jennifer Aniston Obsession


angelina joliePoor Jennifer Aniston. No matter how happy she is, no matter how many years go by, she can't seem to escape the omnipresent grasp of ex-husband Brad Pitt and/or Angelina Jolie. Whether it's the tabloids insisting she's simply not over him or Angelina trying to steal Jen's new man, Justin Theroux, she -- wait, you haven't heard? Oh yes, it's true (reportedly). Angelina Jolie is desperately after Jen's smoking hot actor/screenwriter boyfriend.

InTouch is reporting that Angelina is insisting that Theroux work with her on an upcoming project. A "friend" of the star says, "Angelina is actively trying to set up a project on which she and Justin would work together. She has been a fan of his for a few years, but she certainly wasn’t in such a hurry to work with him before Jen started dating him."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Why is Angelina such a jerkface?! Oh, my God, leave Jennifer Aniston alone! She already stole Jen's life from her! Why won't she stop?! Jennifer seems so happy now! If Angelina tries to take her man -- oh, my God, that's so unbelievably disgusting! Ew, ew, ew!

And breathe. See, I have a theory on this. I kind of think Angelina -- with all her oozing sex appeal and adorable gaggle of kids -- is a little obsessed with Jennifer. Why else would she be after Justin Theroux? There are millions of women out there Angelina could steal boyfriends from. Why go to Jen again? 'Cause she wants to skin her and wear her like last year's Versace, that's why.

Maybe the tabloids -- or reality? -- have gotten to her? I mean, at any given moment, there are reports of Jennifer not being over Brad, or Brad not being over Jennifer. It probably eats away at her like an alien virus. And instead of getting mad at the man in the situation, as women often do, Angelina is taking it out on Jen.

Then again, maybe she's just a horribly nasty person for no good reason at all.

What do you think of Angelina (allegedly) trying to steal Jen's man ... again?


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Debbie Nance

I think if angela is so great then she should shut her fat mouth and grow up. I think brad is crazy to perfer angela yuck.She is attacking Jen  cause she's the kind of person she is acusing jen of being.Jen forget the loser angela and keep being the same mature pretty girl you have been.. Jen Good Luck in your  relationship and hope it works out so i can see the great kids you will have.

akameg akameg

I don't get all the negativity over this article. The author is simply speculating on a rumor that was brought up; notice her use of the word allegedly. No one said it had to be true. Plus, to all the "I don't care" comments, why go out of your way to comment if you're so apathetic? That's what you get for reading articles under "Entertainment:" drivel about celebrity drama you claim not to care about.

nonmember avatar Linda

Wow. I kept waiting for the point in the "article" where the author would begin making fun of these types of insipid celebrity gossip stories. I also thought a site called "CafeMom" by default would mean that adults were posting, but I was wrong about that as well. So, in the spirit of teenage drama: Team Jen!!! Team Angie!!! My take on it: Team You Don't Know These People So Why Are You So Emotionally Invested in Their Lives?

Amie Murray Trahan

I find it hilarious that there are people so outraged by this article. I think it's pretty funny...a distraction. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's an interesting theory. But, I digress; the people so outraged and vocal about this are the same ones that HAD TO READ IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Goodness gracious, people...chill out!!

Tracie Finite

Annnnnnnd once again a Stir writer's headline is severely misleading and is based on personal opinion not fact. Anyone surprised?

Jika Camins

What are you talking about? It sounds like a load of bullshit to me. If Angelina was all about Jennifer's current boy toys she'd have had plenty of opportunity to try to snag another one of Aniston's many many men since her split with Brad, but she has not.

nonmember avatar Troy

This has got to be the most outlandish, childish and malicious piece of crap I've ever read. First off, it is a known fact that Jennifer Aniston has issues when it comes to holding onto a man. Secondly, Angelina Jolie, I'm quite sure is not thinking about Jennifer Aniston or vice-versa. I think Angelina Jolie is busy with her humanitarian work, her children and her husband to put any type of focus on Jennifer Aniston. Thirdly, Angelina didn't steal anything fron Aniston, Brad was a willing participant and he certainly didn't have any chains on him to make him go anywhere he didn't want to go. So if Angelina is tripping off of Brad and Angelina, then she needs to get the hell over it and stop letting Chelsea Lately promote her to take pot shots at Angelina and acting like childish high school kids.

nonmember avatar Castina

I definately agree with Nicole's (piece author) option B. "Angelina is just a horrible, nasty person for no reason at all. She got Brad - of course you cannot force a man from his wife - but she got him, and Angelina's also been on Jen like white on rice since. The woman doesn't know when to quit. Anyone who thinks that Angelina's 'good deeds' are not for her own gain of attention are blind as can be. It's all "look at me, I'm great." I doubt she even REALLY wants Brad anymore. Those kids aren't getting any younger and still no marriage? Let Angie play her games. She won't "steal" this guy from Jen, I'm sure he sees right through her insanity and I also will bet that before the end of 2011, she and Brad are history. Angelina is a very sick woman and seriously needs mental help.

EveEvans EveEvans

I love the way you can tell which comments (and articles) come from scorned women. Hahaha!!

nonmember avatar sniper

I would NOT put it past her for a second! NOT one second she will do ANYTHING to hurt and or damage JEN. What would be great is if he said NO I have a real woman waiting for me at home. Rejection she cannot take. Women like her want what they are NOT suppose to have it is called "MARRIED" she likes the way it makes her feel. She feels impowered she knows I am right. She says she does not read these mag's ect yet they sue them when they speak ill of her? I bet she has a collection of every article and magazine cover she has EVER been on/in. What a fake and if he wants his named ruined do a movie with her his 15 minutes will be up and gone. If he is wise he stays with Jen and tells AJ to F(**(* off!

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