Angelina Jolie Needs Help for Her Jennifer Aniston Obsession


angelina joliePoor Jennifer Aniston. No matter how happy she is, no matter how many years go by, she can't seem to escape the omnipresent grasp of ex-husband Brad Pitt and/or Angelina Jolie. Whether it's the tabloids insisting she's simply not over him or Angelina trying to steal Jen's new man, Justin Theroux, she -- wait, you haven't heard? Oh yes, it's true (reportedly). Angelina Jolie is desperately after Jen's smoking hot actor/screenwriter boyfriend.

InTouch is reporting that Angelina is insisting that Theroux work with her on an upcoming project. A "friend" of the star says, "Angelina is actively trying to set up a project on which she and Justin would work together. She has been a fan of his for a few years, but she certainly wasn’t in such a hurry to work with him before Jen started dating him."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Why is Angelina such a jerkface?! Oh, my God, leave Jennifer Aniston alone! She already stole Jen's life from her! Why won't she stop?! Jennifer seems so happy now! If Angelina tries to take her man -- oh, my God, that's so unbelievably disgusting! Ew, ew, ew!

And breathe. See, I have a theory on this. I kind of think Angelina -- with all her oozing sex appeal and adorable gaggle of kids -- is a little obsessed with Jennifer. Why else would she be after Justin Theroux? There are millions of women out there Angelina could steal boyfriends from. Why go to Jen again? 'Cause she wants to skin her and wear her like last year's Versace, that's why.

Maybe the tabloids -- or reality? -- have gotten to her? I mean, at any given moment, there are reports of Jennifer not being over Brad, or Brad not being over Jennifer. It probably eats away at her like an alien virus. And instead of getting mad at the man in the situation, as women often do, Angelina is taking it out on Jen.

Then again, maybe she's just a horribly nasty person for no good reason at all.

What do you think of Angelina (allegedly) trying to steal Jen's man ... again?


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tecsa... tecsabates

And come on..."jerkface"? 8 yr old talks like that...perhaps u meant to post this to the high school newspaper?.....

nonmember avatar ally

Jolie does this for all the attention it will get her. How else would she get in the news if it wasn't for Jen.

nonmember avatar Chell

The only "celebrity" magazine I will ever pay money for is People - they've proven that they have integrity and are respectable, and obvious care more about reporting facts than they do selling magazines. I wouldn't bother reporting stories that are run by magazines like that anymore .. it makes you look as desperate for news as they are.

Julie... Julienikki06

Angelina Jolie is just gross already. Jen has so much more class. I'm also sick of seeing Angelina playing these tough girl super hero roles in movies. She grosses me out! She and brad should go away and take care of their babies in private and quit spending so much time exposing them to the pApparzzi

Other... OtherMonkey

OMG.. this is beating a dead horse - it's been like, 5 years now.  Leave it alone already.  and, yeah, consider the source.  If I walked up to "In Touch" or "Star" or some other rag and said I was a close friend of "Angie" and that they were planning on building a mansion on the moon they'd still print it.  That and who cares??  If it were people we actually knew personally or cared about I could see getting upset over it but c'mon, these people are about as accessible as Ft Knox.frustrated

nonmember avatar rosana

I think Angelina has a lesbian love for Jen

Shangri Shangri

This is ridiculous. If indeed we can even entertain the possibility that Jolie is working with someone associated with Jennifer Aniston - and coming from a rag like In Touch, that's a big IF - that doesn't necessarily mean anything in and of itself. Those circles are small, you're bound to know and work with a lot of people over the years. Even people you don't necessarily know, agree with, or even like. Just look at Clinton and Bush I and all the charity work they've done together.

Maybe In Touch can do an article on Bill, George H. and Barbara's secret love triangle.

Kim Baker Vidas Davey-Irvin

i think: intouch weekly? GMAFB. they have an entire staff they pay to create stories because it's easier -- and more!! exclamation!!! point!!! worth!!! -- to make them up instead of actually doing any kind of journalistic research. it was a given that someone would ream this one up, and shame on you for reposting it and giving it legs. now it's gonna be walking all over the truth, and will be a done deal in the eyes of half the people who read it. again, shame. shame on you.

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