Lindsay Lohan Can Drink Her Life Away if She Wants

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan can't get a break. I mean, literally. She was released early from house arrest, and then immediately went out to a party at Lexington Social House in Hollywood with friends (including Emile Hirsch). She later tweeted that nothing exciting was going on, save "very yummy hummus and pita." But since she was spotted drinking a cocktail, and later tripped while leaving the restaurant (she blames the paparazzi for throwin' her off her high heel walkin'-game), all the headlines are raggin' on her for heading right back into her hard-partying ways.

But you know, I say it's time to lay off Lindsay!

What's the big deal, anyway? The girl is legally allowed to consume alcohol.


Yeah, the judge said she can drink as long as she doesn't drive. And so what's a cocktail or even three? She's not violating the terms of her ruling, so it's not a legal issue.

And besides, can't she go out and just have a good time? That's all she said she was doing, hanging out with friends. It doesn't necessarily mean she's back to her 2007, mug shot-snappin', tearin'-up-the-town with Sam Ronson ways. What do we want from her? The girl was stuck in her house, probably going out of her hoarder-nutty mind for months! She does kind of deserve at least one night out and a cocktail, people, right?

Plus, as long as she's hanging out, strollin' around town, we can kind of "keep an eye" on her. You know, make sure she's not getting into any REAL trouble in bars and clubs. Being in public, she does have to keep it together, to an extent.

But the real reason we need to just lay off: She's a 24-year-old has-been who hasn't really offered us much in the way of entertainment since the middle of the past decade. If she wants to wreck her life even more, that's her biz -- not the paparazzi's, not the tabloids', and not ours.

What do you think -- does the latest out of Camp LiLo lead you to believe that she's back to her hard-partying ways or not necessarily?


Image via Audrey Pilato/Flickr

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