Russell Brand & Katy Perry's New 'Bachelor' Pad Is a Jinx

Russell Brand and Katy Perry may be just newlyweds, but they could be well on their way to divorce if the new house they bought is any indication. The lovebirds spent $6.5 million buying the mansion ABC used for Season 1 of The Bachelor. Does anyone else remember how many tears were shed for Alex Michel that season?

It's a total jinx! I give their marriage just a couple of years in that house. Mark my words.

The house is gorgeous, of course. It's a Spanish-style home and has about 8,835 square feet with nine bathrooms, a guest house, a home cinema, a grotto-style swimming pool, stain-glass windows, and more. Even still, they could have done better.


Think of all the nastiness in the pool and the hot tub? Dear G-d! That hot tub is likely a teeming cesspool of bacteria and disgust. Just thinking about it makes me queasy.

The first season of The Bachelor set the tone for all future seasons and let's face it: The show has a terrible track record. I believe in karma and I believe in bad juju and that place has it written all over it.

Let's also keep in mind that they bought it from Daniel Lakin, the former CEO of National Lampoon, who was sentenced to 45 months in prison for stock manipulation charges. Yeah. It doesn't look good, does it?

Tears, drama, and the nastiest hot tub known to man. Yuck. Good luck to them.

Do you think The Bachelor house is cursed?


Image via Diana Parkhouse/Flickr

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