Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Suicide Attempt Shows Fame Can't Bring Happiness

jonathan rhys meyersSad news out of London: The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hospitalized Tuesday for what looks like an attempted suicide. The 33-year-old apparently tried to overdose on pills (no word yet as to what kind of pills) and refused treatment from paramedics for 30 minutes after they arrived at his mansion. Finally, police were called in to help transport the actor in an ambulance to the hospital.

Meyers, who's been in and out of rehab five times, was released early Wednesday morning. I'll admit I'm scared for him. I've heard people wonder why celebrities, people who "have it all," try to kill themselves, but the truth is that having it all includes having problems, just like the rest of us.


I don't know why Meyers tried to commit suicide or what drove him to substance abuse in the first place, but they're probably the same things that plague most addicts: Loss. Fear. Sorrow. Hopelessness. These are the signs of mental illness, and naturally it wouldn't be any easier for a celebrity in the throes of depression to shake it off than anybody else. When a person is depressed, they lose the ability to think rationally, so it's not like Meyers can sit himself down and say: Snap out of it. You've got a hit TV show, you're incredibly handsome, you've got tons of money, fame, success ... see, your life is pretty great!

As far as I can see, the only advantage a celebrity addict might have is the ability to pay for treatment (rehab ain't cheap, people). But maybe even that plus is cancelled out by the humiliation of having your every slip-up turn into front page news.

My heart goes out to Meyers, his family, and friends, and anybody else, celebrity or not, dealing with these issues.

Do you think Jonathan Rhys Meyers will turn the corner?

Image via Showtime

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