Winner Javier Colon Proves 'The Voice' Is Better Than 'American Idol'

javier colon
Javier Colon, right, with family and coach Adam Levine, left.
Fellow Americans: We all deserve a little extra bacon on our egg sandwiches this morning because we done good. We done real good. Javier Colon was crowned the winner of The Voice last night thanks to all our determined votes and pointed prayers. Javier beat out Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, and Dia Frampton to be named the first-ever winner of this NBC singing competition. It was a close call, but Javier pulled out the W. After amazing performances by guest stars Stevie Nicks and Miranda Lambert, the stiff-as-a-board host Carson Daly informed us that Javier only beat Dia by a 2 percent margin. Yeeps!

I'm so happy and I'm so relieved. We deserve to celebrate! We did it! Yahoo! But now that The Voice is over, let's take a moment (after we pop some bubbly) to appreciate what we've been through with this show over the last few weeks, and to compare the show to its mortal enemy, American Idol.


I didn't think I would fall in love with The Voice. I thought I only had room in my heart for one reality show about singing (Idol), but I was wrong. My heart and love know no bounds, apparently, and I can love both shows at once. And as with all matters of the heart, if I dig deep enough, I can find which I love just the slightest bit more.

The Voice was interesting in that the auditions were blind. That was a really cool concept. I also loved the celebrity coaches -- I gained a new respect for Christina and Adam. They seemed like critical thinking mentors and not just vapid pop singers, like I half-expected. The talent that The Voice was able to acquire was also a little surprising. They found musicians with a passion for their music -- each one of the finalists had been down the harried road of rejection and dingy club performances and I found their experiences made them more interesting.

The Voice also had some pretty amazing original songs that they gave to the final four. Right?! I can't get over them. Each song was terrific and I downloaded them all.

American Idol hasn't given their winner a catchy original song in the 10 seasons I've seen. They've been terrible. But, the contestants have been a little more lovable, if only because they're younger and, well, groomed. The average Idol finalist might have a better top 40 voice than The Voice finalists (except Javier, he can do no wrong, sing no wrong, say no wrong), but they don't have the musicality. And then there's Ryan Seacrest. Carson Daly has about .0008 percent of the charisma and natural charm of America's favorite short boy, Seacrest.

I think the biggest difference between Idol and The Voice might be that the Idol kids seem like they want to be there, but The Voice peeps seem like they have to be there. The Idol kids play like it would be cool to win some money; The Voice peeps play like they owe money. Know what I mean? And to be honest, I like a little desperation in my performers. Makes them more real.

American Idol has 49 percent of my heart and The Voice 51 percent. I would never buy a Scotty McCreery album, or even listen to or read an interview he gave.The Voice gave us Javier, whose work, songs, and press junket I will devour like a teenage fangirl. And, by the way, I love country music, so it's not the genre that turns me off from the Idol winner. It's just that I'm more interested in hearing what the vet Javier has to say and do rather than the rookie Scotty.

Congrats to Javier Colon, and to The Voice! I'm excited for next season. Oh! And we'll have the X-Factor in the fall ... will there be a three-way tie for my affections?

What do you think of The Voice vs. Idol, and are you happy that Javier won?

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