'Teen Dad' to Make 'Teen Mom' Look Even Worse


teen dad

A new show that chronicles the lives of six teenage fathers is all set to air on MTV in the UK and Ireland next month. It will certainly be interesting to compare and contrast our Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant shows to their Teen Dad show, but I'm willing to bet on one thing -- those British Teen Dads are going to get way more respect and sympathy than any one of the teen moms on the shows here. Why? Because we judge and expect far more from mothers than we do from fathers -- that's just how it is, and fathers, by simply being present, just present, in parenthood, tend to get far more kudos than any mom who does the same.

Teen Dad, by mere title alone, is about fathers who are participating in parenthood on some level. Young men or, in this case, boys who participate in unplanned parenthood by simply "showing up" already get a HUGE pat on the back in our society. You didn't run away when you found out about the pregnancy? 10 points! You admitted the child is yours? 10 more points! You are willing to say you're a father. 10 more! See what I'm saying? And these are things that are simply EXPECTED of a mother.

And then if these young dads do any of the childcare tasks, oh man, the points come in seriously high-point values after that. Diaper changes -- 20! Baths -- 30! Care for your kid while mom is out -- 50! Yep, dads get points for all these things while moms are just expected to do them. There are simply no bonus points in motherhood.

Alright, maybe I'll be wrong. I hope I am. Maybe these young dads won't be filmed in the sexy, gauzy, soft light of fatherhood. Maybe we'll see something real -- good and bad -- and maybe we'll begin to put the same kinds of expectations on these young dads as we do on young moms. Or better yet, maybe we will find a way to cut them all some slack, put more realistic expectations on them, and give them props for stepping up and being parents in the best way that they know how.

I admit that I could probably learn a lot from a show like Teen Dad. Perhaps I could learn to better understand the struggles of fathers. They're certainly not always the same struggles that mothers have, so it's no doubt harder for me to recognize and sympathize with them.

The show follows the six new dads for a three-month period, as they adjust to their new roles as fathers. I figure after that is when at least half of the dads bail. Just kidding! Sort of ...

The six-part MTV UK series starts on July 27 at 9 p.m. Can't wait to hear about the show.

Do you think we should have a Teen Dad show here? Why or why not?


Image via MTV UK

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Maias... MaiasMommy619

They should..but it will eventually turn into another teen mom...

Alicia Lili Mauer

I just finished studying abroad in Ireland and I have to say, teenage pregnancy is viewed in an entirely different light there. It's almost a mark of pride that has a lot to do with the fact that our sex ed may be bad, but in some ways, theirs is much worse. In discussing this boggling bit of culture shock with me and a group of other American students, a professor referred to teen fathers as the "buggy brigade." Their reasons for being proud of being parents so young may be shameful in some counts, but there's no denying that many Irish teen dads are proud and active in the lives of their children. That doesn't excuse the pressure put on mothers and I can't speak for teen pregnancy in the UK, but that's what I witnessed in the bevy of teen dads around my neighborhood and around Dublin in general.

Mahala Dixson

Different countries, differen't ways of viewing things.  Not all countries view things the same way America does.  Not all countries have dead beat, irresponsible teen dads abounding like the U.S. does. 

nonmember avatar ashey woodruff

I think there should be a teen dad show because my opinion fathers are expected to do the same as us mothers well that's what I expect out of my husband I get pissed if he says no to changing a diaper or feeding our babies fathers have the same duties as a mother and if they walk out they look like assholes and get called horrible fathers just as us mothers do

MomTo... MomTo2SillyBoys

Heck yes. It will show the good and bad. Not all dads are irresponsible and dead beats. Some actually step up to the plate like a real man.

hutch... hutchfam2007

Should be interesting. I would like to watch the episodes just to see how different the teen dads are there compared to the ones we have seen on teen mom here...

A Teen-Dad show in America....... the way we have seen it on teen mom wouldnt show the young fathers in very good light... probably would jsut piss more ppl off. lol.

Jessica Barnette

so funny i said something a couple a months ago on here how they should do thaT lol

.Mhac... .MhacFoirfe.

I think they should..but I guarantee they'd try to look good for the cameras/audience instead of doing the real shitbag things they want to do. Don't wanna spoil their rep and shit, ya know. Ugh.

blue_... blue_glass_mama

you will have to find 6 dads that stuck around in america--LOL

blue_... blue_glass_mama

you will have to find 6 dads that stuck around in america--LOL

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