5 Reasons 'Glee' Graduation News Makes Us Giddy

Glee castThey warned us it would happen, even set us up in the season finale, but Gleeks, it's official. Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said season three is the last year for the current cast of characters. At the end of the year, the seniors in the New Directions are officially going to graduate.

Now you have a choice: Cue up Kurt and Rachel belting out "For Good" on your iPod to provide the appropriate background music to your sobs while simultaneously cursing the cast of The Glee Project on Oxygen who will be taking the place of our beloved Lima Losers come season four ... or ... start celebrating! Yes, I blasphemed, Gleeks. But with Mr. Schue and Sue expected to stick around, our favorite Fox fix isn't ending. It could be ... I dare say it ... getting better? Look at all the positives:


1. We won't have to hear what too much beer does to Rachel's voice. Two dads of Ms. Berry, please avert your eyes for a moment, because we're about to get real here. Miss Priss has been so buttoned up throughout high school, that girl is going to go buck wild come college. And I can just imagine what too many nights spent playing beer pong will do to the pipes. In fact, I'd prefer to KEEP it to my imagination, thankyouverymuch. Yessiree, following the New Directions to university would be diverging into disasterland.

2. Pick the one cast member who annoys the crap out of you. Now say goodbye. Everyone has the cast member they absolutely love (Kurt? Call me? We'll go shopping!). But seeing as we don't yet live in a perfect world (ahem, David Beckham, why haven't YOU called?), most of us also have that cast member whose voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. And now we can wiggle our little fingers at them and bid them adieu.

3. Karofsky can escape McKinley High School. The mean awful bully who picks on gay kid Kurt is one of Glee's most nuanced characters -- the homophobe who is a gay kid himself, riddled with self-loathing and terror at being "found out." Watching him, while important for American teenagers, is painful. I can't wait, for his sake, for him to be set free.

4. No more fighting over Finn. If you're of the mind that Puck is where it's at, ahem, then all this fighting over Finn has made you a wee bit nauseous? No more Pepto on Tuesday nights for you! And say you're of the mind that Finn's a dreamboat? Well then, he'll be free for the asking come June 2012!

5. New voices. Come on. Every time they add a cast member, we get all excited. Charice! Jonathan Groff! Darren Criss. Now we'll get a whole CAST of new voices. Who isn't excited about that?

Are you going to cry when the New Directions graduate or is there a teeny part of you looking forward to season four of Glee?


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