Make a Baby With Robert Pattinson in 'Twilight' Bed

robert pattinson
Could this be the father of your child?
fans, great news! You may not be able to kiss Edward Cullen, but you might be able to lay in his bed. That's not bad, right? Director Catherine Hardwicke owns the bed in which Edward and Bella shared their first kiss in the first movie, and Hardwicke's considering putting it up for auction. The money, she says, would benefit the Step Up Women's Network.

Hardwicke took the bed home after filming finished on the first movie and she's totally happy to give it up, but there's one thing holding her back: she's wondering if there's a demand for it. SHE'S WONDERING IF ANYONE WOULD BE INTERESTED IN BUYING IT. She crazy? It sounds like she's questioning our fandome!


She's lost it. I think the Twihards are definitely interested in this piece of movie memorabilia. First, it's a bed. Who doesn't need a bed? Everyone needs a bed. Secondly, it's for a good cause. Tax write-off!

And finally, it's a bed that likely has Robert Pattinson DNA on it somewhere -- a dried sweat droplet, a hair, a piece of dried skin, a clip of a nail -- and if I learned anything from Jurassic Park, DNA means you can make a baby. Extract some of those RPatz genes from the bed post, take it to a seedy scientist, and boom: you're pregnant with his baby.

If Hardwicke needs an engraved invitation to sell off that bed, let this blog post serve as one. Sell it, Hardwicke, sell it. We want to see how much it goes for, want to see who buys it, and want to see if our little strategy on being RPatz's baby mama is any good.

If the flying car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang went for half a million, and Dorothy's red slippers for $660,000, I think Hardwicke would be crazy to keep this piece of movie magic in her guest bedroom. Don't you?

How much would you pay for the bed, and/or would you buy it if you could?

Photo via Ryan Pierse/Getty

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