6 Best Sets of Real Breasts in Hollywood


christina hendricks

Christina Hendricks' breasts are real, and they're spectacular.


In a town where fake boobs and dyed blond hair seem to rule, it's refreshing to admire some of Hollywood's biggest stars who have kept it real. With natural breasts that make everyone a little googly eyed, these six celebrities haven't had to go under the knife because, well, they were born with perfectly beautiful boobies. From a 25-year-old pop star to a 44-year-old Oscar winner, our roundup of the best unenhanced breasts will either make your day or make you insanely jealous.

scarlet johnansson

Scarlett Johansson may have recently ended her relationship with Sean Penn, but we have a feeling she'll find a new suitor in no time.

jennifer love hewitt

So what if Jennifer Love Hewitt has been named the Worst Actress due to her poor film ratings on Rotten Tomatoes? Her milkshake will always bring the boys to the yard ... and the theater.

halle berry

Women and men have admired Halle's Berries for decades, and somehow, the 44-year-old actress only ripens with age.

selma hayek

Selma Hayek once told David Letterman that holy water is the recipe for large breasts. We're heading to church after work.

katy perry

Katy Perry knows how to work what her mama gave her. The 25-year-old singer also knows how to make fun of herself ... remember that SNL skit?

What women did we leave off this list?

Photos from top to bottom via Fredrick M. Brown/Getty; Stephen Lovekin/Getty; Stephen Shugerman/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty; Andrew H. Walker/Getty; Stephen Lovekin/Getty

celebrity, eye candy, katy perry


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Brodie Croyle

They are Real

Brad Bunty

Jennifer love Hewitt's breast are all natural not fake

nonmember avatar zeke meat

To all you naysayers, I consulted the bible, mrskin.com.

According to the master, and I haven't found him to be wrong yet, all 6 of these are natural, not fake.

nonmember avatar Perky is good

So "best" means udders like a dairy cow, trussed up and under-wired.

Allister Fraser

Your hangup with monster-boobs is so sad.


As with mountain climbing, the peak is what counts, and Kate Hudson outdoes all the freaks you pictured who are in sad need of breast reduction.

nonmember avatar llel

I don't know of a single woman on this list with real breasts. Salma Hayek and Christina Hendricks have implants, photo evidence is out there for someone not to lazy to look. Someone above said that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Halle Berry both have them. Scarlett Johannsen is well known to have had implants. Katy Perry is perhaps the only remaining question mark. Angelina Jolie has had them, there is photo and film evidence out there. It is so bizarre to me that Hollywood women who are some of the most photographed and documented women in existence, still make these ludicrous claims to have not had breast augmentation, despite all evidence to the contrary. Do you realize that you are encouraging low self esteem in women by backing up their false claims? Do you know about the side effects of implants such as capsular contraction, infection, silicon leakage, and a host of autoimmune problems like chronic fatigue, caused by bye body's exposure to and rejection of silicon by the immune system (even saline implants, which none of these women have I am sure, are made with water in a silcon envelope. This article is completely irresponsible, but I suspect you know that, and just don't care.

Rose Pernice Dembosz

I can't believe a woman wrote this article. The best real breasts in Hollywood? Is this what you went to college to write about? Today's woman appears to be taking two steps backward for every step forward.

nonmember avatar Mandy

I thought Christina Hendricks had breast implants? I have seen photos of her when she was a model and she was quite tiny on top. Also, Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Halle Berry all had implants also. Natural breasts: Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Stone, Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Anna Kendrick and a few others. So sad, that Hollywood doesn't accept women for their natural beauty. How many of these women have undergone plastic surgery as well?

nonmember avatar Harry

You included Salma Hayek as the owner of one of the six best sets of real breasts in Hollywood. The problem is she's had at least one boob job. So, take her off your list!

nonmember avatar ILuvMammasMan

Kat Dennings and Sofia Vergara are two more women whos luscious, probably natural (could care less!) spendeificily, deeelicious, cuuurvacious, round mounds of mountainous mammary fun pillows, should be on this awesome list chesty queens!

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